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SWOT, Things may change with your son. He may finally get it. You did what you had to do for your wellbeing. That is important.

I am slowly getting to the point where I can literally walk away when the 20 year old goes into his menu of garbage to hurl at me. The fact that he does not live in my house makes it much easier. For many years I put up with it because I believed he could not help it due to his multiple issues. His current psychologist debunked that myth. Son is schizophrenic but unless he is in deep psychosis, he is in total control over what is coming out of his mouth.


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I need to hear this too. At some point..
It becomes intolerable sometimes to tske abuse from your own child.

Lil I in no way mean your son.

Oh Sweetie I knew that! Again, I can't imagine anyone being such a turdblossom that they speak to their own mother the way yours has to you. You deserve so much better. BIG Hugs to you - I hope things get better.


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"Turdblossom".... Reminds me of the quote..."you can stick a flower in an a**hole, but it does not make it a vase!"