There is just NOTHNG

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    Texas has noting for difficult child's
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    Check with the State Department of Developmental Disablilities. They could help you out. Also, go on-line and see if there are any groups that are federally funded that give respite care, etc. They could hook you up with experienced people or may even have after school programs themselves ( we have Community Resources). An advocate may also be able to provide insight.

    From your "next door neighbor" (Staten Island)


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    First of hugs to you. It is hard. Nvts gave some great ideas. More hugs.
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    OK, you may have already checked these places, but I'm gonna rattle off everything that comes to mind.

    YWCA? After school care IN the school? Big Brother / Big Sister? Barter with a neighbor (she watches your son after school; maybe you cook once or twice a week for her or something)? Youth groups? Scouts?

    You will find something. Go get that armor out of the closet and put it back on.
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    Can't help you here. I haven't a clue, but NVTS is right. Maybe you can find something. Call Guideline and ask if they have any suggestions.
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    I spoke too soon. I just sent you a PM
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    Put an ad on craigs list for a teenage/college student babysitter? Or call the local highschool and see if they have a list of available students (ours did).
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    NJ has lots of free after school care, activities free for kids. I work with autistic kids in NJ. We had a student who got bussed from his new school back to our school just to use the after school child care program here. Google ARC. It's a program, I'm not reaaly sure everything about it, but it's free also. I know there are other wraparound services for kids, govt sponsored, after school program things. Do you have a local art center? Or other sports programs, it would be illegal to refuse your child because of a handicap. They have to pay for an aide. You have to look around, there are things most parents in your shoes don't even know about. I'm sorry I'm not much help, Alyssa
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    I'm quite interested myself!!! I'm in Ohio & have found NOTHING!!!!! The places that "say" they will "help out"....we give it a go & difficult child gets "kicked out". The common places that are available around here HAVE to accept "disabled" children by law. BUT, as soon as that child makes it "impossible" (difficult would be my word) to run a "normal" day.....the child can be removed. Been there, done that.....I know difficult child needs someone that is educated/experienced in working with special needs children.....THAT is not a person I have found in any of these places. I would love to find out if there is anything available too.
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    thank you for all the suggestions. I am still hunting. difficult child II's neurological came back fine which makes getting help through the division of developmental disabilites difficult. The school has told me it is not their problem. The after care threw him out. I am living in my parents home and my Dad does not want strangers in his house which makes it hard to hire a HS or college kid. Children's services keeps telling me we qualify for help but they can't direct me to any. But I am going to start fresh on Monday.
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    Good luck. Sorry I can't be any help. My difficult child got kicked out of Young Marines & the court ordered gateway program.
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    Honey, I am so sorry that you are hurting.

    What hurts the most is that you did nothing to get yourself into the situation that you are in. Right? You were living in your own home, minding your own business, and husband was the one who screwed up.

    Once again, and not to nag, have you gone to AlAnon?

    You may find a lot more people there in your same situation, in regards to living with relatives or having a hard time finding child care. Here, we can help you all day with difficult child problems. But an AlAnon meeting in your home town, well let's just say that sometimes, we have to open the strangest doors to get to where we want to go...
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    Wow...I couldn't have said that better, myself. I would have just changed it to CT.

    <3 <3 <3 I feel for ya.