They put my ds4 on Trileptal

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    Ds4 is diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) autism and behavior problems. Today they put him on the Trileptal. All I can read about this medicine is , is that it is for seizures. Has anyone had their child on this medicine. He is suppose to go back in April for another EEG. He had an EEG done a year ago and showed no signs of sizures. Just wondering why she put him on this medicine.

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    Some of the seizure medications--such as Trileptal--work well as mood stabilizers and that's why it's being prescribed.
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    If he has autism, like my son, I have no idea why he would be put on a mood stabilizer. Most kids with PDDs, if they are on medications, are put on anti-psychotics, such as Risperdal. I don't know of many kids in our autism group who are on mood stabilizers UNLESS they also have seizures or co-morbid bipolar disorder. Why did the doctor say he was prescribing Trileptal? Most young kids with PDDs have behavior problems, but, with the right interventions, many of the kids outgrow them and become quite productive and even docile in personality.
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    He is on risperdone 3x a day. He is having major outburst and is very angry all the time. He punches, pinches, bites and was banging his head. The last couple of weeks he has been becoming sad for no reason. She said she was going to try this until they redo the EEG again in April. It is suppose to help with his mood. I don't know if she is leaning towards bi-polar or not. Our doctor is not helpful at all when it comes to information. To be honest I don't think they know for sure what is going on with him. We are very limited on doctors where I live. There is only two neurologist which one doesn't take our insurance and there is only one developmental pediatrician and it takes over a year to get in to see her.
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    It sounds like the doctor is wondering if he has a mood disorder. What happens if you write down all your questions and take them to the doctor appointment with you? Will the doctor answer them, or brush you off? Would she be more likely to answer them if you faxed them to her the day before so she could be prepared?

    Oncei n a while, when limited by insurance and not getting answers from a doctor, I have simply stayed in the exam room after the doctor left. I tell the nurse I have questions that were not answered and I NEED the answers. One or two times the nurse got irritated, but mostly they try to answer the questions or they make the doctor come back. (They get you the answers faster if your kid is dis-assembling the exam room, ROFL!! But it is kinda mean to take a screwdriver with you, isn't it??)

    This is just a strategy to try to get answers for you. You can also ask the pharmacist. Pharmacists can be a great ally in medication questions. Especially if the pharmacist has a PhD. It is one reason I get many of my prescriptions at the local Mom'N'Pop drug store. I know all the pharmacists, but one has been helping me at 4 locations over 20 years. He knows all my history and catches medications that I react to even if I forget!

    So maybe you can ask a pharmacist more about this? Or even call the doctor's office and ask the nurse? All they can do is say NO, isn't it??

    Anyway, I know this has been stressful. Take some time to treat yourself. Be gentle and loving to YOU!


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    Steph, just to remind you that we aren't medical doctors here so take everything you read as parents sharing experiences with other parents. medications are highly individual and what works for one child may have very different effects on another.

    Did you ask to be put on the waiting list at the developmental pediatrician's office? If things are really getting out of control sometimes your pediatrician can make a call and push for an appointment as well.

    MWM, I'm starting to hear of more kids with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) being helped by medications like Abilify. Are you running into that on the Autism forum you mentioned you belong to?
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    I don't belong on an autism forum. Didn't know there was one. A nice person from a deal site told me about this one. I had no one to talk to about any of our problems until I was introduced to this site. We are on the waiting list for the devel. pediatrician.