Things people do that annoy you or you find gross

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    This began on a different thread. I started a new one.

    What things do you hear, smell or see in public that you could do without? I will repeat my list then see if others care to tune in.

    1. Smoke anything around me and I feel like gagging, especially cigarette smoke. No, being outside doesnt make us not inhale or sniff it in.

    2. Spitting is disgusting. Always. Anywhere.

    3. Blowing your nose loudly in a crowded place can be an unpleasant foghorn experience for others. Find a quiet spot to empty your mucous! :)

    4. Belch, fart, other body sounds....hold it in or go to the nearest empty space, Dude!

    5. Arguing loudly in public; scolding a child loudly in public. For pity sakes, we dont all need to know.

    6. Making gym shoes squeak on purpose. It is NOT cool!

    7. The middle finger salute in public, especially from cars. Act yer age!!!!!

    8. People in cars playing dangerous games with each other because they are angry. Oh, chill out!

    9. Public urination. No other comment needed. Ick.

    10. Drunken obnoxiousness out on the streets. Take it home.

    11. People standing in the path or against public buildings, kissing loudly and feeling each other up and down, as if they were two horny teenagers, including horny teenagers who do it. Get a hotel maybe??

    Okay. Yout turn. Pick YOUR poison :)
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    And yet one more totally awesome started conversation from, SOT! Love it! :)

    1. Smoke anything Watching smokers hiding away from the general public now to puff on their ciggies, behind buildings and things, makes me laugh, and somehow, even as an ex-smoker, it looks ridiculous, and even makes the habit look more disgusting. As for seeing someone walking down the street with a cigarette in hand, doesn't bother me at all.

    2. Spit Eww... yuck! Disgusting, despicable, repulsive, 100% total dirtiness!

    3. Blow nose loudly in a crowded place LOL! I tend to think some people fail to give thought to such, so loud blows happen. I sort of find it comical.

    4. Belch, fart, other body sounds Yucky! When one of my kids would belch loudly I'd say to them, "pardon me"? That meant for them to say out-loud, "excuse me". As for farting, that is so very rude and disgusting.

    5. Arguing loudly in public; scolding a child loudly in public Once again I believe some people tend to forget where they are when making such a spectacle, but I must confess, I have scolded, even spanked my kids in public, so I'm quite accepting of such (being a mom and all), but have never carried on an argument or disagreement with anyone in public.

    6. Making gym shoes saueak on purpose Drives me batty!

    7. The middle finger salute in public, especially from cars Relays to me the lack of education and control a person has when partaking in such.

    8. People in cars playing dangerous games with each other because they are angry Should have their licences suspended for life!

    9. Public urination In an emergency situation, totally understandable, but seeing a drunk doing such is nasty.

    10. Drunken obnoxiousness out on tje streets. Totally unacceptable. Arrest the individuals involved and toss them in the cooler!

    11. People kissing loudly and feeling each other up abd down in public, as if they were two horn teenagers, including horny teenagers who do it. Embarrassing. I've always felt a level of embarrassment for people who do such, not so much embarrassment on my part, but embarrassment for them. It's just a practice that shouldn't be done. Some things are better off left at home/practiced at home.
  3. ForeverSpring

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    I care less about how a person is smoking than the vile smoke I have to inhale if I pass someone doing it.To me I get annoyed seeing anyone smoke, even in a truck ahead of me. Makes me judge (I know this is wrong) that they are low class, sloppy, dirty and not at all worried about polluting the lungs of others. Big problem do I have with cigarettes. I like how they are handled in California.

    To me anyone swimging a cigarette, which I almost never see anymore, looks classless. There. I admitted my judgement!
  4. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant Well-Known Member

    I see smoking no differently than a drug or alcohol addiction, it's a habit that's hard to break, and I suspect that if we were to ask people how they felt about smoking (those who smoke), I suspect many would feel disgust in themselves for starting, and not being able to quit. I know how bad I felt (towards the end) when I used to smoke, and for many, quitting just isn't an option. The addictive aspect of nicotine is just too overpowering and controlling.

    I definitely don't look down on people who smoke.
  5. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    I think of smoking as different because their smoke can harm other people. And second hand smoke does. There is no such thing as second hand heroin. Smokers know their smoke harms others. I think they need to smoke indoors or far away from the lungs of others because of this. I have no problem if the smokers wish to smoke cancer sticks as I call them but dont pollute anyone elses lungs. Stay far away from others when you smoke.....far away.

    I amend what I said about looking down on the smoker as a person. I do look down at the habit and tend to think they are not being smart. But that doesnt mean they are not kind. My husband bashes smokers more than I do and he smoked. He is pretty brutal. He notices the smell, the raw throat when smokers are in our path and says it looks trashy and he cant believe he did it.
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  6. Lil

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    You know SWOT, I somehow knew you'd be easily offended by certain things. ;) Wonder how I guessed that. LOL~

    TEASING! Not being mean!
  7. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant Well-Known Member

    Okay, time for a few of mine.

    I once pulled a shopping cart from the cart ahead of it and found a dirty diaper in it. My opinion of such... no respect, no class, low IQ.

    Emptying-out ones car ashtray in a parking lot. Yes, exactly what I like to do, pull up beside a pile of cigarette butts that some ignorant, disrespectful person decided to dump, because they were too lazy to go the extra mile and find a proper receptacle to use for such.

    Neighbours that have parties at their homes and play loud music well into the night (wee hours into the morning), while carrying on with their loud, obnoxious talking, yelling, and swearing. Yes, we endured such in our old neighbourhood. So happy to be gone from there.

    Another is watching shoppers rob bulk candy and goods from the displays and snack on them while they're shopping. Where do people learn this from?

    Likewise for shoppers who fail to use proper (supplied) tongs when selecting bulk items such as buns and pastries and such. Totally disrespectable of others. No class. No, I don't care to buy anything where the general hands of the public have been.

    Guys who wear droopy, saggy jeans. No amount of persuasion or information or convincing by anyone will ever sway me to believe that wearing ones pants in such a fashion is comfortable, but most of all, it just looks plain stupid. Reminds me of my kids when they were carrying a load in their pants as babies!

    Shoppers who seem to be oblivious of the fact that their shopping carts are blocking the entire isle of other shoppers! And don't dare think abut saying anything to them, because they'll look at you as if you have one eye. I hereby present the DUNCE-CAP AWARD to those who do such!

    And more to come! :)
  8. Tanya M

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    My biggest pet peeve is in the grocery store.

    Don't leave your cart in the middle of the aisle and walk off to look at something on a shelf. Move your cart out of the way so people can get by.

    Don't let children push the cart. I know you may be trying to let them help but when they run into me because the cart is just too big for them to maneuver and then you act like it's no big deal is so irritating.

    Do you really have to bring the whole family with you to shop. Nothing better than an already crowded aisle and a family of 5 grouped together so you cannot get past them.

    Don't let your kids run up and down the aisles. Just not cool and can be dangerous, the little darling could round a corner and run into an oncoming cart.

    Now for the parking lot!

    Don't leave your carts wherever, walk them back to the cart corral.
  9. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant Well-Known Member

    Tanya. Your post reminded me of a little something that happened to me many years ago.

    I was at the supermarket with my second oldest daughter one afternoon, and out of nowhere a woman began to berate me for allowing my child to sit in the shopping cart without pants on. Her comment stupefied me. I thought to myself, my kid does have pants on... rubber pants, then the woman went on to add that kids in diapers shouldn't be allowed to sit in shopping carts without some sort of over-pants or outfit on. :rolleyes:

    Well, forget the fury I felt, but back in the day when my second oldest daughter was a baby, disposables were plastic, and for those like myself who used cloth diapers, rubber pants were used over top of the cloth diapers to help keep things sanitary, and unless there's been some sort of major development or breakthrough that I'm unaware of as far as the world of diapers go, it's the inside of a baby's diapers that I could see causing a stink (pardon the pun), not the outside, and in my opinion, a plastic-covered bottom is miles more sanitary than a dirty bottom sheathed in blue jeans will ever be.

    It was obvious to me that the woman was not a mother.
  10. AppleCori

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    People who sit on the exercise machines at the gym and play with their phones while NOT working out, thereby making me stay at the gym longer than I have to.

    I think I have mentioned this before......
  11. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant Well-Known Member

    You know, Apple, as far as I'm concerned, Smart Phones and all have turned many in society into people who can't think for themselves. I read somewhere a saying that reflected today's generation. It read... "it's all about me".
  12. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant Well-Known Member

    Picking ones nose (anytime), never mind in the eye of the general public is disgusting.

    Went to school with a girl in elementary school that used to pick and eat. Stomach-turning ick!
  13. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    Agree x 3

    Uh...this is a thing? I mean, out in the woods where no one can see, sure...but this happens where other people can see? Other than perhaps emergency side-of-the-road behind their cars?

    Littering in general makes me CRAZY. You do NOT throw trash of any kind on the ground. I admit to tossing the occasional cigarette butt out a window when I was a smoker, but seeing people drop and stomp RIGHT NEXT TO A TRASH CAN or BUTT CAN makes me nuts! Roll the cherry off and put the butt in the trash! It isn't rocket science.


    Also agree.

    ...and just like that, we're back to snot. :sick:
  14. Tanya M

    Tanya M Living with an attitude of gratitude Staff Member

    On the subject of smart phones - don't get me wrong, I love my smart phone however I am not on it all time.
    I do not feel sorry for people who while on their phones walk into poles or trip over things. Nothing is that important that you stop paying attention to your surroundings.
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  15. Pink Elephant

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    LOL, Lil, about being right back to the snot issue! I'll try and curb any remarks related to snot or boogers in the future. :)
  16. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant Well-Known Member

    It truly is a sad state of affairs. I've seen people walk across busy streets and not even glance-up to see if their way was clear, and others who walk right into others. It's as if common sense has been lost.
  17. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    I dont understand why shoppers leave carts in the middle of the parking spaces and dont just put them in the allotted spaces so I sometimes end up pushing many of them into the right place on top of my own.

    Kids should not push shopping carts. Ever.

    If something drops in the store, pick it up.

    If somebody drops a bunch of things, be kind and help the person pick it all up. People who just walk by puzzle me.

    Open doors for elderly or disabled shoppers. Again it puzzles me when others dont.

    Pink, I do not judge as harshly as you I think. I dont think people are stupid or have a low IQ or have no class, whatever class means, because they dont do what I would do.

    We are all different and I try hard not to judge so harshly, not that I am perfect in this area. I also really dont care how other people does not affect me. I may never have dressed in a bizarre way, but I have a "whatever floats your boat" attitude about fashion, especially with the young. If it is a stranger, it is nothing to me how someone dresses. Kids always dressed strange, at least SOME kids and in my lifetime. Why let that bother me?

    I dont like to be judged. The older I have gotten the less i judge on petty things. That doesnt mean I dont judge at all. I wish I could truly never judge, but I do judge when people wont help people or animals in need. Cant lie about that. But, if this makes any sense, I try to limit my judging to what I consider "kindness" issues and wish I could stop judging completely. It isnt good for me to judge anyone else for any reason.

    Being human, I guess all I can do us minimuze the judging.
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  18. Pink Elephant

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    SOT. I removed my rose-coloured glasses some two decades ago, and if I could go back to day one, I would have taken those very same rose-coloured glasses, laid them down under the sole of my shoe, and stepped on them. We each see things the way we see them, and we each say things the way we say them, but I've never been a follower. Just because everyone else pretends to not to see what's going on around them, or bites their tongue when scornful words are deserving of being spoken, doesn't mean I'm going to follow-suit and live by the same.

    I see it the way I see it, and I say it the way it is. I've drawn plenty of opposition from all sorts of folk over the ages, and no amount of fallout curbs my nature. I am who I am, and I stand for what I stand for. I believe that's one of the biggest problem that exists in our society today, is far too many people looking the other way when they should stand up straight, and those who pretend all is glorious even on black days.

    When a style looks stupid, you can bet I'll tell you it looks stupid, and when a shopper selects a shopping cart at a store only to find that some classless individual left a dirty diaper behind in it, an individual that failed to conjure up enough intelligence to know better than to do such a thing, then that individual deserves every single ounce of contempt that befalls upon them, and I feel not a pinch of pity for them. Does an individual that does such a thing possess a high IQ? Reality tells me not.
  19. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    Ok, so this is long lol. You werevwarnef.

    Pink, i was more like you once, although about different issues. I am also very much my own person but the older I got the more tolerant I grew and the less I felt that I was right and others wrong, with the exception of kindness and caring issues.

    I dont define class. Class means something different to everyone. Class can mean money, nice clothes, a college degree, the ability to hold ones tongue (which I am better at now but never so great at), and some like me feel class, if it even exists, is the ability to be very kind, not gossip, quietly keep your controversial opinions to yourself, to react with a smile and grace. My mother in law to me had more grace and class, if you will, than anyone I ever met. She was beloved by all until her death. Never a cuss word, a mean comment or anger came out of her mouth and people were drawn to her. I feel people like her change the world the most, a parcel at a time.

    Her ability to deal with a hard life ( her husband died suddenly at 46 of a rare disease and then she found out that her son, my ex, had inherited the same retched disease,) would have made most people either bitter or at least wondering why. Victomlike. Sad. Why me?

    Not my Mother Grace, her real name. Nor her wonderful mother Ruth. They were poised, calm, spiritual women who never acted up. Ever. Who were so wonderful to all. I tried to copy them as to how to interact with adult children. I felt, even back then, that they were angels on earth. Never did they criticize how somebody dressed or spoke or behaved. Never did either call anyone a name, such as stupid, crazy, lazy etc. No namecalling in their worlds. They always had that look of peace and serenity.

    To me that is as close as one can come to being a puzzling word to me, classy.

    So i learned a lot from them. None of us can judge who has a high IQ and who is worthwhile. I cant condemn an entire person that I dont know because the person left one dirty diaper behind. We dont know the circumstances. It is dirty if done on purpose but that still does doesnt define the unknown person who may have a mensa IQ and be very nice. Maybe the baby suddenly got very sick...we just dont know. Not for sure. If we dont know, we cant truly judge fairly. Being messy does not mesn stupid anyway.

    About clothes, never would I, and I have a mouth on me, EVER tell somebody they were dressed stupidly. Maybe people think I dress horribly I think there is a difference between having opinions and stating them in ways that hurt people. I wont do that. Just because I think somebody looks out of whack with my world doesnt mean everyone agrees with me nor is it my business to let them know how I feel. I believe strongly that grace, which is my word for class, is more about holding one's tongue than telling it like it is to me, especially if it hurts somebody. I deliberately try not to dot that What I think of somebody, if its not nice, it is none of their business. I am very accepting in general and this makes ME happy because I dont get annoyed by people who are different from me (unless they blow smoke at me lol).

    I dont feel contempt for most people, not even my sister who called the cops on me. I hate nobody. I live and let live and know that one act of perhaps insensitivity does not mean that the entire person is a moron or stupid or below me. Nobody is below or above me. I believe we are all precious and equal. We all have gifts.

    This is a big part of who I am or try to be. Am I as good as my mother in law? In my

    But I cut a lot of slack for people, even if they have a habit I dislike. To me this is the best way to live. To smell the flowers. To love all the flowers. To not put myself above another. To give generously, even in my thoughts. Can I always do this? No, of course not. But I try. I dont always succeed. But I do feel that what is wrong in this world is a lack of kindness and acceptance and love for one another, not that we need to belittle those we feel are not the way WE would prefer. That in my opinion causes nothing but anger and division. I also dont think life is awful right now, although there are many things I wish would be different. To me that would be war, bigotry, hatred, greed....but I cant change anyone else but me so I just try to practice my values in my life. That is all any of us can do.

    Pi k, this not a potpshot at you otat all. It is just my own opi ion, which is hatdly u iversal or better than yours. To me, the things that make you feel somebody has a low IQ, well, i would never go there. The only issue I truly judge is those who have no empathy for the disadvantaged, the downtrodden, the needy. I care deeply and have never been close to anyone who did not care about needy people and animals. I also dont trust people who dont like animals and nature. I would have nothing in common with any person if he or she didnt have a heart for the less fortunate. We would have nothing to base a friendship on.

    I dont think I am better than people who dont share those values important to me. I just am so strong in my heart space about these things that I have no desire to become close to somebody who does not share these values. Is that judging? Maybe. That is how and what I judge. It is not about little habits. I am different. I have always been very sensitive.

    I do not feel my way of life us better than yours or anyones. We are all equal and wonderful. Yes, you are beautiful and irreplaceable and the best ever!

    I am far, far from an angelic person but my wish is to be as kind as I can in this life and to return as a better person in my next life. Long ago I stopped being so outspoken that i could be offensive. Yes, I was like that long ago but I changed...for the most part. (Not perfect)

    Ok, so I wrote another novel and changed the i will step off the soap box now. I am very much my own person and never followed the crowd and I never will. Not even the crowd here:) i am me. This is me.

    We all have great thoughts to contribute.

    Light and love!
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  20. Triedntrue

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    The f word in public especially with kids around is a big one with me.

    Snot rockets

    One time i was in a grocery store and some kids were joy riding on a motorized handicapped cart. No parent in sight.

    I don't know how many times i have gone walking on a nature trail and found diapers discarded cause no one wants to carry them to a trash can.

    This isn't discusting just bad manners. You go invited to someones house and they don't offer a drink if you are there awhile.

    People who throw entire bags of fast food trash in the middle of the road.