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    Billy came by the house last Sunday night I believe it was. I was in the living room watching tv all cuddled up in pj's because I have been feeling sick for a while. As he walked in I realized his so called girlfriend was with him. We had honestly thought that she had kicked him to the curb because we hadnt heard about her in a while. She lives in North Myrtle Beach SC which is about 75 miles or so from where we live in NC. He has a friend that is both of their friend and he goes down there about once every two months and spends a long weekend. This girlfriend is a bit off. She is also a year older than Billy which makes her 34 now.

    Well we thought they just stopped by to say Hi but no, Billy tells us that while she was on her way up here from her place, her car died on the side of the road and Billy had to go get her. Billy wanted Tony to figure out what was wrong with it. LOL...Tony is not a mechanic but he can do small stuff.

    As we talked things became more weird. Seems like her car died because it was out of oil. Billy tried putting oil in it and it would start but wouldnt move. Hmmm. Then she tells us...well, the oil light came on about a week ago but she was hoping it would last until she got up here!!!! WHAT! She drove a car for over a week with the idiot light on and then left to go out of town. Yep. And this woman was in the Army for 8 years working on mechanical things. I dont get it.

    I would understand this happening if it happened to a 16/17 year old who really didnt know any better but you cannot get to be 34 years old, veteran of the army, mother of two kids and not know how to check your oil.

    Tony said it sounded to him like someone else who arrived at our house with a broken down car...Buck!

    Billy took her home but now her car is in my yard with a blown motor. She actually tried to drive it home but she didnt get a mile down the road. idiots.
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    Oh Janet....something smells know what I mean. I kind of want to say ,"Billy has a girlfriend! Yay, who cares about the car" But I really hope she doesn't take advantage of his good nature. Dumb... fine, mean and out out for a handout from Billy...HECK NO! Maybe she is just a stupid person and can make her own arrangements. At her age, this is her problem. She was in the army working on mechanical things? Do they think you and Tony fell off the turnip truck? No Janet, let her know you did not! I really get upset at this @@@@ when it comes to our kids.
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    I think Tony may have offended Billy a bit when he said "when the idiot light comes on, it means 'Idiot STOP driving NOW!" LOL