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    This guy that was a "higher up" in our state Department of Juvenile Justice was found guilty today of having a sexual "relationship" with an inmate. I find it interesting that it's not even listed on websites of our only major newspaper or tv stations, except one. Not to mention that the jury is recommending the minimum sentence for him. Between this and what I see in my county, I'm seriously starting to think there is more corruption in our government than I would ever care to think. And I don't mean that people are out to get "me" or that everyone is selling something- I think it's just the good ole' boy and clique carp that has gone WAY too far.
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    I hate having to accept the inequities of the world. In our community this week a 19 year old difficult child has been sentenced to death for shooting a law enforcement officer. Death. Not life in prison. A one time impulsive and deadly choice.

    A police officer has been arrested for "shaken baby" assault with a two year old hovering between death and permanent brain damage with no quality of life. The police officer has had 2 previous charges involving anger issues and been given a walk, and kept his job. Now the baby assault. Chances are he will get 10 or 15 years based on "community standards".

    I honestly don't understand. I honestly wish that I was one of those innocent
    citizens that believe bad guys go to jail and the system helps the good guys who make a mistake or have mental health issues. Not. So sad. DDD
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    Yeah, DDD- what kills me of course is that the people in the system apparently feel they can do a better job than me and they are supp[osed to be the safety net, and they are doing worse and getting off with a slap on the hand. Not only is it what they are getting off with, but the more important issue is that, if people are so concerned about me not trusting the system- have they ever stopped to think about whether or not they are teaching my son and the next generation that they can trust the system? I think this guy should be nailed. He was an administrator of the place difficult child is now and a principal at the Department of Juvenile Justice school where difficult child will probably be going. To me, that's one step away from being in an authoritative position like a parent. It's sexual abuse and harassment- not a "relationship" and if a parent did this to a kid, what should they get?

    As long as these people are concerned more about CYA'ing each other, they are just as dysfunctional as any sick family. And they are doing just as much damage- if not more. The one station that reported this says that many other employees of the place testified against this guy. That tells me that they had to have known something- this apparently transpired in 2007 and was "several" occassions. So why didn't someone do something to stop it and why is it only coming to light now? And how many of these people like this are left at this place? If the employees were too scared to come forward in 2007, doesn't that imply that other "higher ups" would push this under the rug or look the other way? And why?

    He's found guilty of 4 felonies for criminal/physical offenses against a minor and he's an adult- and he'll probably get less time than my son. I haven't told difficult child about this- I did tell him not to let ANYONE do anything physical to him. But if I ever caught wind that someone in authority did something to him, it would be a whole different ballgame.
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    I think it is very wise not to share any additional information with difficult child. He has issues and if he begins to doubt his safety etc. it will not bode well for him. on the other hand, you have simply made a parental point to remind him that he must use good judgement.

    You are making such progress each week. You do still, however, see the issues in relation to the personal affront to your self-esteem and parental position. Keep trying to back away from too much personalization. Yes, you have valid issues but the overall issue of Department of Juvenile Justice is nationwide and not based on your local problems or your family. Hugs. DDD
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    Ok, I must be missing something here. I'm going to use an example- not to get defensive- but to honestly try to understand what point I'm not getting. If my son was in a school that had about 150 kids plus staff, and the principal got sexual with a student, am I taking it too personal to get hyper-sensitive to someone around my kid at school? With all sincerity, I do not get how I'm taking this too personal by not detaching to the point that I see my son as nothing more than another statistic. He might think he's 24yo, but he's still 14yo and he has no one to stand up for him but me. This is bugging me because I feel like there must be something I am not seeing or I'm looking at very differently, and I feel dumb by not getting it. But I don't get it. :( Could someone please explain? He doesn't have anyone to look out for him or stand up for him if I don't do it. And even if some other staff person would stand up and make issue, I think he needs to know that he has a parent that cares that much about him. Do they need me to stop that in order to work with him?