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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Jul 15, 2009.

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    Cory called me yesterday to tell me he has a job interview today. At Walmart.

    That may not seem so funny to most people but I just burst out laughing because the first thing out of my mouth was: Have you told them about your record? Have you told them that on your record there are convictions for theft from Walmart?

    Of course not! Now supposedly he checked yes to having been convicted of a crime but he didnt elaborate. Walmart does hire felons. They also hire people on disability. It makes them look good and they get a tax break. Who knows how hard they will look at his record. Maybe they will just glance at it and not notice that one of the misdemeanor convictions came from

    It just seems amazing to me that someone who was once banned from Walmart could even get an interview when Billy put in application after application and never got a call back.

    Only Cory.
  2. Hound dog

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    Sad thing is..........they most likely won't even look to see where the charges came from.

    I put in an application when ours was built. I had plenty of off and on experience in retail. easy child put in an application at the same time. She had none in retail and was still in hs school. I didn't get a call back at all. easy child got hired..........and her managers had a fit because she was a senior in hs at 18!!! lol So they had to work around her school schedule.

    From what I could tell about ours...........they don't look very well at that sort of thing. I know ours right now has several cashiers that have served jail time for theft, writing bad checks, ect.........all dealing with walmart!

    Makes you wonder what they actually are looking for.............LOL
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    That's pretty funny, Janet.......somewhat scary, too. I guess I can tell Rob to apply there if he wants? (he was also arrested for shoplifting there a few years ago).

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    It saves them by hiring entry level people at minimum wage, work them slightly less than full time, and don't pay benefits. I applied when they came to town, wondering how my 10 years of management experience would fly. It didn't.

    Since Billy already has experience, they probably think he wouldn't be happy at minimum. Hope Cory has a great interview!
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    Ahhh the irony :)
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    I'm telling DUDE TO GO .......TODAY.

    OMG ... - Lets see

    They should live together, work together - and they could even
    DRIVE together.....that way

    You could take M,W.F - I could have T, Th. Sat and we'd both take Sunday off.

    :alien: or they could take Sundays off and come visit us and help feed the ducks - while we make slippers out of maxi pads.