This made me laugh!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by witzend, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. witzend

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  2. AnnieO

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    I love the d* site... I have it bookmarked... I can't haz cheezburger from work, but I get my needed laughs!!!
  3. slsh

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    Oh. My. Gosh. Thank you Witz. I was in desperate need of a laugh, and I'm laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face. :rofl:

    Great - another website to distract me from work. ;)
  4. AnnieO

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  5. Mattsmom277

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    i love the dam#autocorrect site! When I need a good laugh I do some reading there and it never fails to get me laughing
  6. DammitJanet

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    I didnt even know phones could do that! I do have my phone set to suggest a word but I have to scroll down through a list to pick one.
  7. 4timmy

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    Yea, my phone won't suggest words like "butthole" or "ass"..... really? When I do the voice recognition feature and say the F word it comes up with "FXXX' on purpose! I guess it's an iPhone thing. You pay the extra $200 for that feature.
  8. HaoZi

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    I hate autocorrect and always turn it off as soon as I figure out how to (what idiot programs these things to have it on when you get the phone?). It NEVER suggests the word I intend to use. Not once.
  9. AnnieO

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    I tend to use T9 a lot. So I've had some pretty funny ones happen.

    husband's voice recognition changes any obscenity to ****.

    But the best one... Monday... I asked if he wanted me to go ahead and brown the hamburger meat for him... He said sure, brenda meat.

    Snicker... I don't know a Brenda, but I bet she'd be pretty upset...
  10. Star*

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    Witz -

    That was the best laugh I've had all week..........I don't know if the guy in walmart humming or the broke the finger off in the buckle was funnier. Now I'm going to put auto correct ON my phone. ROFL.

    Thank You!