This smiley is so difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Feb 6, 2012.

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    :dontgosmiley: I was so laughing when I saw this. Sadly, this is difficult child whenever husband and I want to go anywhere. He BEGS us not to go (probably so he can continue to torture us at home-lol). Sometimes he will actually physically grab us like the smiley is showing. Then when we do go he calls us a million times on his cell phone. Where are you? When are you coming home? How much longer?
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    I laughed the first time I saw this:puppet: difficult child 2 spent so much time with that monkey puppet of his, this just fit perfectly... Unfortunately, he still has that puppet and still talks to it. Fortunately, he now does this only in the privacy of his own apartment.

    difficult child 1 was sort of like your difficult child, never wanted us to go anywhere without him, never let me out of his sight. However, by the time he was your difficult child's age, he didn't want me anywhere near him, unless he was manic, "bored." Then he would do everything and anything he could think of to get me angry. If he succeeded, he would smile, sort of an evil kind of smile - His cure for boredom. It used to drive me, as difficult child 2 would say, "bananas..."

    I think, in time, your difficult child will grow out of this - At least I'm hoping he does! SFR
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    I had to threaten to block Eeyore from being able to call me when I was out because he would call/text me 100 times in an hour while I was gone. I would usually ignore and he would end up having a whole conversation with himself! Anxiety sucks.