This week will be better

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Oct 7, 2007.

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    , or I hope. Last week was rough, difficult child got in trouble at bus stop, at recess, and wrote fu## Yo# on the back of a hall pass and then lied to me about it. This is a change for him, he usually tells me the truth. He admitted it to the principal when the note and some school papers were side by side and identical. Oddly enough I am upset, more disapointed than anything. After all the physical stuff last year this just seems mild. It isn't mild though, maybe I am just getting used to it. That is not good.

    So today easy child and her friend (who is a difficult child, husband said she could come) will go to an arcade and to see the new Super Walmart in the next town over. It is supposed to be huge. difficult child will have to stay home, he was supposed to go but lost the privelege when he lied. He will clean up the back yard, which is the dog yard. Hopefully husband will enforce this, it was supposed to be done yesterday but did not get done (I worked yesterday and work 12 hour shifts). I feel bad not letting difficult child go with us, but he will just have to earn a trip to the arcade another time.
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    My difficult child seemed to have his "usual" behaviours every year (homework, missing assignments, etc) but seemed to have different "biggies" every year. One year might be fighting, one might be his mouth and yet another might be stealing. (Guess he likes a little variety in his life :hammer: ) Also, as they get older they seem to develop new difficult child type interests or are influenced in different ways by peers or other things.

    And while this does seem mild (I understand what you mean about getting used to it) it's still an issue. I think that not letting him go to the arcade and giving him an extra chore (especially the dog yard! tee hee) is an appropriate response. He shouldn't have done what he did and he lied about it on top of everything. His behaviors will change as he gets older so you may get different things going on each year or even within the years so just be prepared.
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    I hope it will be better for you. I'm hoping the same thing for myself. Last week my difficult child had a meltdown in class because he didn't want to do his math and ended up spending most of the day in the office and talking to the guidance counselor. When he got home and I was trying to discuss what he had done and to tell him that he's grounded from the computer and video games, he was adament that he had done nothing wrong even though he knew the vice principal had called me.

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    We (easy child and friend and I) went to arcade, difficult child is out picking up dog yard as I type. Not too much arguing or complaining about it so far, which is unusual. I just hope it gets better, back to where life was 2 weeks ago. This week is a short week as we have conferences :surprise: I hate conferences.

    So far his reg teacher thinks difficult child is great (or did when I talked to her 2 weeks ago). Lets hope her opinion hasn't changed
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    I'm glad he is doing what he needs to do without much arguing and complaining. That is huge!! I hope this week is better!