Thomas the Cat (Update)


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Well, Thomas has been home for three weeks. You'd never know how frightened he'd been when he came home other than some residual hand and foot shyness on occasion. He's a lover-boy!

I had to reschedule his vet appointment for this Monday due to the blizzard. He is eating like a pig, but not gaining weight as quickly as I'd like. I am hoping it's his teeth which are awful, but plan on having senior blood work run to make sure h is organs are functioning properly. (It'll have to be done before his dental anyway to make sure he can handle anesthesia)

He and Squeaky are getting along much better. Still some hissing and growling on Squeaky's part but nothing like it was. They are sharing the bed now, though still at opposite ends.

It is a quarter to 5AM and I am looking at the bed as I type this. Both Thomas and Squeaky are on the bed and I can't figure out how there was room for me to sleep on it earlier.

Thomas now lets me pick him up and carry him. He puts his big, furry paws around my neck and snuggles in. He's learned to give kitty kisses and sleeps under the comforter. I could do without the kisses as his breath is ghastly due to his bad teeth.

A friend on Facebook turned me on to some natural kitty treats that are the only treats I've found so far that Thomas likes. He gobbles them right down. Squeaky loves all treats so is quite happy with these.

Thomas' fur is growing out from his lion clip. He is a "hot" cream, a cream with a lot of red in it. He's a tabby with blurred markings. Two faults for the show ring, but he's far from show quality anyways. That's OK, he's got the Maine Coon personalty in spades and that's the important part.

He's gotten more and more vocal as he's settled in; just a huge collection of whimpers, groans, grumbles, mumbles, chirps, and mutters. He always has a comment on things, and I always hear about it if I try to ignore him.

All and all a great addition to the household and I'm honored to have been chosen to provide him with a home and all the love he can handle for his golden years.


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GN, as you know, animal rescuers are among those with the highest esteem, at least in my book.

Sounds like you did a great job with Thomas and I'm so happy he will have a safe and happy home...and a cat sibling!!!!

Kudos to you!!!!!


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We are having a slight "bed problem" right now. Thomas weighs close to 20lbs. He is plain too darned heavy to sleep ON me.

Squeaky weighs a little over 7lbs and has been sleeping ON me since she came home 3 years ago. Thomas sees Squeaky sleeping on me,and of course figures that if it's OK for her to park on my chest, it's OK for him. I repeatedly wake up feeling like I'm suffocating.

Add it that Thomas is passive/aggressive and when you try to move him, he goes totally limp and increases his weight threefold, and it gets interesting.

He hasn't got a mean bone in his body, just a stubborn streak. It takes several times of picking him up and dumping him on the floor before the message gets through and he settles in next to my pillow.

Then, if I get up to pee,he swipes my pillow and we go through the whole p/a thing again. I can't throw him out of the bedroom because he can work doorknobs!


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Lol. That cat is training you right up. God bless those of us with pets that have a stubborn streak.

I have a 40lb Australian shepherd who is supposed to be a mini. She missed that memo. She is also a lover. She likes to get in bed and lay with her head across my neck. If you try to push her off she does the dead weight thing. Sweet but suffocating especially when my other dog is laying on my stomach. 75lbs total body weight is oh so fun in the morning.


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When I was trying to find cat treats that Thomas would eat, he would sniff the duds and bat them over to Squeaky for her to eat, all the while peering down his nose in the most superior fashion.