Thou Shall Not Forget medications Again!


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Oye! At about lunch time I realized that M left for Summer Program without taking his morning medications! I about fell to the floor. I was so worried he wouldn't make it through the day.

I was so relieved when the bus pulled up and he was happy and he survived incident free.

But boy-oh-boy he has been non-stop all day! He is just all over the place and talking constantly and sticking his nose in every body's business. Even came close to a meltdown. I have to keep husband away from him otherwise husband might go off the deep-end. We're all pretty much at our wits end at this point.

A testament to the fact that the medications work, in deed.


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Well-I'm glad for you that he survived school without any issues-My child has been on medications for three years and I have only forgotten his medication ONCE !!!


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It's horrible when you realise you've forgotten the medications. I used to keep a dose of medication at the school so if we missed it, I could ring the school and let them know. Often, they'd ring me to ask, "Are you sure he got his medications this morning?"