Time article on Borderline (BPD)

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    Thanks for that link. My daughter is a Borderline, among other things. After doing the research I believe the Borderline (BPD) diagnosis to be the most accurate. When I read something on Borderline (BPD) it's as if I am reading something written about my daughter. She displays each and every symptom. For years she has been treated for Bipolar Disorder, we could never understand why none of the medications really worked for her. It wasn't until recently that she recieved the Borderline (BPD) diagnosis. Her therapist at the time happen to specialize in Borderline (BPD) and had a family member with it. So she was able to recognize it in my daughter right away. I remember early on, when my daughter was in elementary shcool, the pychologist said that she would be a prime canditate to grow up to have this disorder. I never thought anything of that statement until now. He was dead on. So right!!! I wish to God he was wrong.

    Thanks for sharing. :)
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    Thanks, Heather! :)

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    Good article. :)