Time for School to start.


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And boy am I ready!!! lol My oldest has been home from preschool since april (because we pulled him out early) He is doing much better since he's been on Vyvanse & Celexa. They have helped him SO MUCH. I feel very confident with the decision to medicate him but I am still nervous of how he will do in a large classroom. Any tips or advice for this? I am just anxious to get the first bit over with and meet his teacher and all. He starts on Monday. :)


Does he have an IEP? If not a back and forth book would help you communicate with the teacher on how his day has been. I have also found there is no substitute for being physically there to watch the interactions of the kids when school starts and stops. But I realize this might not be feasible for every parent. Good luck and I hope the medications help.