timeline for 504


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It has been almost five weeks now since we signed the consent form I guess it was to get my son a 504. The school has not yet come up with a specific plan (though they moved even before we signed it to get him reading help under Title I). We submitted a two page list of things we wanted them to consider.

I don't thnk they are dragging their feet particuarly to avoid doing things, it is more bureaucratic incompetence and perhaps the fact that they don't need to take a 504 as seriously as an IEP.

Are there specific standards on 504 timelines? (Can't find them on the ORegon DOE website)

What do you think is reasonable? What would they have to do under an IEP? I am considering writing a letter to the Supt (this is a small district so I know all the key players and see them from time to time). Had a talk with the principal last week, she was suprised it wasn't done, promised to have it done by this week. Don't want to unnecessarily p*** anyone off, but do want them to take it seriously....

Any advice


PS thanks for the advice on safe schools. we are definitely going to lie low on that one, fortunately that son is on an IEP so we have some protection.


The best that I recall, there are no timelines in the 504 law except that sd performance should take place within a "reasonable" time frame.

You might want to call your State Education Agency and talk to whatever Dept handles 504 Compliance to see if they have defined a reasonable timeline for the districts in your state. These days, sd policy is on-line -- you might check there also.

Section 504 and IDEA: Basic Similarities and Differences might be a good resource for you on various 504 issues. https://web.archive.org/web/2015101...aw.com/advoc/articles/504_IDEA_Rosenfeld.html