Tip and Tricks for Stains


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I know we've all been there. Share your helpful advice for getting out stains, marker, crayon, or anything you would care to share.

Keep in mind, I do have a hidden purpose for this thread. My son decided that coloring with permanent marker (don't even know where he found it) on my nice microfiber recliner (it's tan) would be a good idea. I have tried using a Magic eraser, alcohol, steam cleaning, shout color catchers... Any ideas? While the stain is lessened... it's still there.

So here's my tip:

Magic Eraser will take just about anything off of your walls. As long as you don't scrub too hard, you should be in the clear.

Windex works just as well if not better then those special car cleaners that you buy in the store. It makes everything shiny, and takes away the dirt! Plus if you get the scented ones, your car will smell good too.

Alright, my hand and my back hurts from trying to get this stain out for the last 2 hours. Off to put the kiddos down and relax a bit.


Liquid carbona stain devils. There are 9 types-each is for a different stain. Available individually at Joann fabrics, some grocery stores, Walmart etc.
Stain Devils

Try the one for ink! They're mean for fabric but I've used them on hard surfaces too.


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First tip for stains is... don't let it set. Fresh stains are much easier to get out.
Exception to first tip... if its things like permanent ink on fabric - take it to the drycleaner without trying anything first.

Second tip is... get the right solution, the first time.
Otherwise, you can end up "setting" the stain, and the "right" solution won't work.

Favorite cleaning solution for easy-clean spills on upholstered furniture or carpet... club soda.
(like - a dripping baby bottle...)


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For greasy stains use a little bit of Dawn. Other dishwashing liquids just don't work as well. For protein stains, try hydrogen peroxide. It is esp handy on blood stains.

If you have stains on white clothes and they won't come out in other ways, mix up a tsp of powdered dishwasher soap (NOT the stuff for handwashing - the powdered stuff for the machine) with enough water to make a paste and rub it in with a toothbrush. Rinse off after about 10 min. Do NOT let this sit on clothes because the dishwasher soap usually has bleach in it and can eat through the fabric. If you want to use this on colored clothing, test in a hidden spot to see if it will bleach the color before you try it.

I have occasionally taken an item with a stain wehre the kids (or husband) used something with bleach to get a stain out and I use a squirt bottle to make designs so that there is some type of design to the places wehre color was bleached out. I have ended up liking those items more than I did before they were bleached out, ironically enough

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I'm not sure you're going to be able to get permanent marker out of microfiber.........

Resolve sells a powder form that comes with a scrub brush attached to the bottle. I've had this take out the most gawd awful husband induced stains on earth, on carpet I figured was ruined anyway so why not give it a shot. It may be hard to find now, at least I have a hard time finding it. I have some of those husband type stains on my carpet right now that could use it.


I've seen mother in law use wife-40 to take crayon off a white couch. If I hadn't seen her do it I don't think I'd believe it. Couch smelled funny for a few weeks afterward.


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I would call the marker people or a fabric company.....OR Stainmaster. :) they're in the phone book and clean up crime scenes....(might want to keep them on speed dial incase Jr. gets ahold of a marker again).


call 911........call 911
Stainmaster used to contract to clean up after crimes years ago. Now I think most of the really bad murders and things - like when your kid draws on a couch - are handled by private companies. I'm not sure if SM would have a product that could help. But would be worth a call. They certainly have a product that you add to water and clean up blood, but it's basically and oxygenated tablet you add to water/ seltzer, rinse, vacuum - repeat. If that doesn't get it out - you bag it in a biohazard bag and off it goes to the special place for CSI things.