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    Please pray for me and my family, they started his chapter today and said it could possibly be 30 days till he is out.

    My bigger kids are going to stay with their dad through the summer and the goal is to pick them up in August.

    I really believe things will be okay somehow but we have to sell this truck. And manage to get base housing not to charge us quite a bit because apparently they are famous for that here and tk decided about a month ago that she was going to color on her carpet with a marker.

    If you have any tips for that by the way is be appreciative as I have tried everything!!! Seemingly and I have a steam cleaner.

    I am looking at mr Lewis right now and I am physically feeling ill at the thought of not being able to care for him properly!

    They have not given us any information. We have no orders or paperwork and I have absolutely no idea how transportation for my house hold goods can be made without orders releasing him from the army.

    They will pay for the trip but they only reimburse and don't give money up front for the trip.

    Very scared and holding it together, wanting to be proactive but not sure what the heck I should be doing.

    My name is Julie if this helps for your prayers, tk is terryn, boyo is sean, mr Lewis his name is Gavin and hubs name is john.
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    Sending prayers your way. Have you tried rubbing alcohol on the marker? I know it will take ballpoint ink out of carpet. Hugs. I hope things get better soon.
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    Are they chaptering him or Medboarding him?

    If it is a medication board then they will allow him to do the ACAP thing before he gets out. He may know whether he stays or goes in thirty days but he wont be put out that quickly. Chaptering is a little different but they still give them time to outprocess and all that and give them some time to get moved. The Army should pay you a dislocation allowance to offset the cost. Plus if he is medboarded he will get va benefits and some pay for his injuries. If they pack and move you it should be no charge but if you DITY (do it yourself for those non military viewers) move then you do have to pay up front. Personally DITY moves are scary to me because if you break it you bought it. No chances for reimbursement. When the Army does it they sometimes break stuff but atleast they owe you when they do it.

    As for the carpet----What we have done is simply have it replaced. The Army would have done it and charged us triple the cost but we had Lowe's do it. Of course now housing is privatized so it might be a little different. We were basically given the choice of have the post people do it or we could do it but we had to get the materials approved before hand.
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    Hey... I used to work with Personal Property. Sending you a PM.
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    Prayers being sent your way.
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    His therapist said he was eligible for a medboard but he just finished phase 2 and nothing was said about it. So he will be general under honorable chapter 9 involuntary separated. He is required to do acap but it has not been done and he has not been referred to an involuntary separation briefing.

    The va will evaluate his injuries but that will take from 6m-1 year and a half for his claim to be approved but for what it's worth they said he is looking at 50% disability rating but really this isn't going to help us have a place to go once we reach our home of choice.

    We want transportation to do the move because there is really no chance of us having the cash to move ourselves up front.

    We lost my unemployment benefits several months ago and with no information all we have been able to do is keep paying our bills and barely making it. I can not leave him with any of the children long enough to get a job or for him to be able to watch the kids and I guess now that's a moot point.
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    Hugs and prayers going out.
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    Every now and then there is a CD family member facing issues that I simply can't input into with any intelligence. Sadly you fall in that category. I don't know "what" your choices are nor do I know "how" you could plan a path toward recovery. The one and only thing I can do is tell you that I am sorry you are facing such difficulty and I pray and hope that the future has a satisfactory ending. Sorry I can't use my seven decades of life to help guide you BUT I will be sending loving thoughts and prayers your way. DDD
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    DDD- you know the funny thing is, I was a service member for four years and I myself have no suggestions nor ideas. My life for the past five years is built in the framework of the DEpartment of defense, and I am just a clueless about what the hell is going on here. I understand the acronym and the process involved sort of, but I have no clue how they can be pushing him through a chapter (release from the army) when they admit its a medical problem and he hasn't gone to the mandatory briefings to get out of the army. Hopefully that causes them problems when this thing starts its journey to go through all the channels it has to go through, it's possible the therapists are doing paperwork we don't know about, it would be nice considering that's what they said they would do.

    I have decided I am going to hold this image in my mind. Of a new apartment/dwelling with that full belly feeling and that feeling you have after all of your bills are paid, I'm going to keep this image and believe this is what is going to happen. I know in my head that my family and I will only have to go through a few months of discomfort before things start to straighten themselves out, it's just those few months I am terrified of.

    I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and that's just what I am going to do for myself until this situation has been resolved.
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    Hopefully Step has some helpful info in her PM to you.

    I can't offer anything military wise............Fred spent 14 yrs in, but discharged, no real experience with what you're going through except to say it tends to have a way of sorting itself out as the process goes along. Nephew in law was discharged on a mental health diagnosis........I know they kept them hanging in the air for a while yet eventually the ball started rolling. But do make them move you.

    As for the permanent an online search and you should get some good ideas. I saw one a while back that was relatively simple and seemed to work but can't recall where it was.

    If you find yourself in real trouble financially or whatever while waiting for the military to get off it's backside, go to a church talk to the pastor and lay it on the line. Keep trying and eventually you will find someone to help. You don't have to be their denomination, don't even have to be "religious" to get help. Some may ask you to attend a service or two.......but I've seen church people move what seem like mountains to help those truly in need. (even if it is directing you to where the help can be found)

    It's always darkest before the dawn........and it will get better.

    Meanwhile you will be in both my thoughts and my prayers. Hang in there.

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    The worst feeling in the world is watching your child go hungry. Its been 12 1/2 yrs and I still have issues from it. I know that ill feeling you have. I have also learned that there are tons of resources. Contact United Way, WIC, Workforce services, even medicaid. They might be able to help, know someone who could help, or know someone who has been in your position before and what they did. The idea about the churches is a great one.

    My situation was different than yours. I don't think mr.Lewis will go without food, clothing, shelter, or love. Its going to be ok. Just keep holding on to that image and when you look in mr.Lewis' eyes see the hope and love there.

    I'll keep praying for you.