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    Taxes: we filed, looks like we will be getting them this year. Last year we were bumped into a middle class tax bracket and hubs student loans were taken out leaving us with zero...

    This year we should get a nice chunk... Thank god. -crossing fingers and knocking wood-

    I have been working since October at a restaurant as well as doing the home business thing. Things were looking very good for a couple of weeks once they finally started scheduling me the way I wanted. But I am not loving my management team, and sometimes it's very stressful, way more stressful than I think it should be or that I really want to commit to. I was really enjoying working approximately 20 hours a week and bringing home $400.00 extra dollars a week which really took a great deal of pressure off of the stress in the house hold and I enjoyed the small amount of time away from my kids. The last two weeks they cut all hours except for the weekends which I don't see the kids or husband until Sunday or sometimes Monday when hubs is back at work. People aren't tipping well the last two weeks either on top of the snow which is really effecting business.

    They returned most of my hours back to me this week, but I'm kind of already demotivated and not really liking the way they've treated me lately.

    As well as:
    My babysitter who works with me very well on what I have to pay her has constantly been sick and her kids have also been sick and it's been a battle keeping my kids well and all my child care needs met with her back and forth at the er and monitoring all six kids fevers and well bein and attempting not to pass anything to anyone. Well anyway her doctor told her that she needs to isolate herself and the children long enough to get well and they were testing for immunity suppression in her and the kids. I have another babysitter, I don't know her as well and she is not as cheap. Makes me nervous.

    Tk got a honor roll this past quarter/semester. She had finally reached her groove at school. And then
    Ex husband and ex husbands girlfriend are in the process of her leaving and going back to Montgomery over a 1000 miles away. I feel bad for tk. Every time she gets comfortable some facet of her world changes.

    I also like his girlfriend and wish they would work out their issues. She treats my daughter well and tk loves her and we get along very well, but they just can't work it out.

    Hubs and I started marital counseling, which we have only been to one real session which didn't go well at all.

    We have been getting along very well for approximately 3 weeks but I have a lot of anger built up over everything that has happened over the past year and I want to discuss it even though it's not really relevant to how we are getting along at the present moment... I made a donkey of myself. We have therapy again on Wednesday and I'm hoping it goes better.

    I was approached by a store to stock the soap, fabric softeners and lotions and I really want to work on that, it is in a very touristy area think high prices boutiques. One of the connections I have made doing vendor events has a store where he charges a consignment fee for people who have booths. He lowered his monthly fee today and I'm thinking about putting soap in his shop, this gives me two extra distributors of my products and I am determined to go back to the giant Sunday flea market when it warms up here. But I do have to have steady money coming in the house despite all this, my products are extremely low priced so it takes a lot of soap, fabric softener, bath bombs and lotions to make a decent profit.

    We are seriously trying to buckle down and get credit to an acceptable level so we can buy a house, we are getting ripped off paying for the house on base. It is not worth 1300.00 a month in rent and to have to pay overages in utilities (over what they consider acceptable usage for a family of 5 to use) tk is not even here and I am a nazi about turning off lights and yet we go over every month. Especially with our chilly hard wood floor, windows that do not keep the cold air out. Me Lewis's room is a igloo the vents are not pumping hot air in there for some reason. I have called maintenance repeatedly for this issue but to no avail, the hear must be cranked to 75 every night with his door wide open for him to get even a little bit of heat. We bundle him and make sure he has good blankets. (I made him a handsewn quilt which was the biggest labor of love I've ever undertaken it took six months)
    He is walking more and more, I am so proud of boyo and the kind of big brother he is. He is so sweet to his baby brother . He really misses tk and we do our best to make sure they get sometime every month to see each other but it's not enough . She will be here for a long weekend next week and we are all excited for her to come, but I really just want her to move back in and protect her from the heart ache that she's going to endure over losing someone she cares for.. It has been a truly agonizing year for my family and we are trying to make it better this year but I don't think I will ever feel "right" until terryn is home. Though I'm glad that she has skipped out on the past six months here which have been no cake walk.

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    Hi, Fire!


    It's good to hear from you, and to know you are doing so well.

    I remember when you were thinking about starting your business. It sounds like that is going well for you, and I am glad.

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    I second that.................nice to hear from you and very nice to know you are doing well. As always, wishing you peace and joy...................and a lot of fun and play too. HUGS........
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    Make sure you are getting enough for your products it is great to keep things cheap but you need to mark them up if you have to pay consignment

    If they won't fix the heat involve the 1SG. There is no way they can get away with no heat in a child's room. If you have to put him in your room for a day and record the temps in his. Report them. They have a contract and if they don't so their part they get fined.

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