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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by daralex, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. daralex

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    difficult child is on a strange schedule - long story!!! But I am usually go to bed while she is still on the computer. I wanted to make sure she is off at a certain time so I researched and found out something new - if you go into the control panel and go to scheduled tasks - you can put in a task - "Shutdown -s" and put in a time. If difficult child is logged on, it now shuts down at a certain time every day. She does not have my passowrd so she cannot get back onto the computer until I log her in the next day. It has been a LIFESAVER!!

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  3. Suz

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    I wish I'd known about that 10 years ago!

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    Me too!!!
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    Thank you for the reminder!
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    I knew this because my sneaky son thought it a funny joke to pull on Mom when he was about 18. Not funny. I warned him if it happened again there would be no internet for him. lol

    But it's a wonderful thing to use with the kids. I never let mine on after I went to bed. I'd take the keyboard and mouse with me so they couldn't get back on. :)
  7. daralex

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    Taking keyboard and mouse:bow: That's a good one! It makes me feel like I'm crazy to have to go to these lengths to "outsmart" her. But at least I have peace of mind in one area now. I'm very much enjoying my new found knowledge!! Happy to pass it along!
    - Dara
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    Dara, very cool tip. Thanks.
    And you're not crazy to have to take such lengths to outsmart your daughter.

    husband has installed keystroke logging software on all the computers at our house, Nana's house, Aunt A's house and Uncle J's house, just to keep track of difficult child's computer use. And at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), he's only allowed to use a computer when his 1:1 is available to sit next to him and monitor all activities.

    Nothing out of the ordinary in locking up keyboards and mice.

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    We had the opposite problem.

    When difficult child 3 was very little, about 2 years old, he was amazingly adept on the computer. He also loved it. SO to protect my text files, we had a screensaver with a very short interval before activation, plus every time I left the computer even for a second, I would put it into sleep mode. To get out of screensaver/sleep mode required a password.

    We did this because even if I saved a file, difficult child 3 would sometimes get onto the computer, make changes, close the file and automatically hit the return key for the default "save changes" so that next time I opened up my file, I might find a fewq lines of gobbledegook.

    We found the screensaver password option worked to prevent this - until difficult child 3 learned that if he crashed the computer then restarted, he could quit the screensaver on restart, and then he could access all the stuff he loved.

    Little monster - he had very poor receptive langage at the time (and even worse expressive language) but we were able to make him understand - do that again, and no computer for a week.

    He simply hadn't realised that the screensaver was there for a very good reason, to prevent him getting in without our permission. He had (in his egocentric way) simply thought that he was 'fixing' a problem.

    But I'm sure that if I set the computer to shut down at a certain time each night, difficult child 3 would not cope with it too well. He still needs time and warnings to transition off the computer. Besides, he would re-program it himself, then re-set it when he finally shut it down. He's now matching husband for the title of best computer tech in the house.

    However, it's a good thought. husband will want to instal this, not for difficult child 3, but for me - to make me stop talking to you lot late at night and come to bed!

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    Hah...I have been taking the keyboard and mouse to work with me for a couple years. Maybe even longer. If I hid them in the house he would find them.

    The desktop computer is old. If I shut it off it takes 30 minutes to get back to where I was. Once it is all booted up it isn't too bad, but it is slow.

    We bought the laptop in February. difficult child uses that non stop. however he doesn't seem to think there is a problem when the fan is covered on the bottom. I work in a data center. We have this freezing air blowing up through the floor tiles to keep all the computers cool. Yet I can't get through to difficult child that the Laptop must have cool air available to the fan.

    Anyway - I started taking the laptop to work. I don't leave the house until 11pm, he should be in bed on a school night and shouldn't be up that late on the internet anyway if it isn't a school night. I get home about 1pm and he is in school or just waking up. This way I am sure he isn't on all night. Now he takes it to bed with him, a bit easier to hide than the desktop.
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    I always just took the power cord. Not enough battery in those old stand alones to last long.