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    How do I go about requesting a pysch evaluation in the judicial system? I am looking at the program one of you tried in GA. I know it didn't work out for you, but I need to get him somewhere beside county lockup. I know he will need a new pysch evaluation. He has threatened to "do" something if we don't bond him out. It's not working, of course---we will not post bond until there is something else in place. Help---I've never gone this route before--and I need some guidance.
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    {{{Hugs}}} I haven't had to request a psychiatric evaluation for my difficult child from the judicial system, you must mean another member. Maybe OTE?
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    I dont know SC but I happened to be looking for something in our court system here in our county and we actually have a program that is for the mentally ill who are also substance abusers. How progressive of them! I was shocked. It is through the jail and probation department. It is some sort of thing that is supposed to keep them from rotating thru jail.

    Maybe you could call the probation dept and ask if they know of something similar down there and how you could access that while he was still in. Or if you could. Or what else you could access. Sometimes in a fairly small town such as yours people will know what is available.
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    I would contact Nami (National Allience for Mental Illness. Here in California there is a lawyer who they work with in the courts to help get people help. I can get you his number to see if he can or will contact someone there if you want me to. Other than that you can really only attend his court dates to try to speak with the Judge on his behalf. And it really depends on how much awareness or empathy the Judge has with mental illness. Sadly that's true in too many places. I hope you find a way to make this happen. Too many land in his position far too often.
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    the ACLU is for prisoners rights.
    you can call the jail and ask to speak to the medical dept there.
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    <span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3333FF"> jhas he been assigned a public defender as yet? most jails have social workers on staff....maybe he/she could help?

    </span> </span> </span>
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    We got everything in place before difficult child went to court and then presented it to the judge. We had hired a lawyer who worked it out with the PO beforehand and the judge signed off on it. The only problem is that it becomes a condition of the probation and if your difficult child walks away as my son did it is concidered a violation of probation and they could get a longer sentence than they would have otherwise. you can PM me if you want to talk about the facility. -RM
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    I wish you luck on this, my step-dad has been asking for help for the last ten years. He spent 11 months in prison almost three years ago and still didn't get the help that he needed. Now he's back in trouble again, and has finally found a councler that is listning to him and trying to help him. Sometimes getting help isn't easy- he walking into a County mental health office shaking, crying and telling them that he was snapping that he NEEDED help and was told come back on Saterday and "we'll have you seen". I hope that your difficult child is able to get the help that he needs, it's not always the easiest to do in the court systems.
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    Sorry Tiredmommy---I am the one tired right now. It has been a looooong week. Glad that school is out and I can have a few days rest.

    RM, I pm'd you earlier. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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    they do not usually assign public defenders ahead of time. the inmate can apply for one. he gets a couple minutes to talk to them just before the hearing. that is all. they do not visit the inmate in jail. the PD usually is the defender du jour and stays for all the cases of the morning.
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    I called yesterday to the clerk of court. The woman who answered gave me the direct line to Keith, who apparently makes assignments. They will see him today and his assignment will be made. He told me to call Monday and he can let me know who it is and that I can then call them. Luckily we have no full-time---they use local lawyers and I know most of them personally. There is only one that I will aruge against and he is the jerk who defended the guys who attacked difficult child last fall---I just don't like his tactics and the his courtroom demeanor and I'm hoping since he was the defense when difficult child was the victim, he will not be allowed to handle the case. My old-maid sister has lunch with the head solicitor on Tuesday. I'll also call her next week for some advice on placements.
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    Ahhhh nothing like small town carolina...lmao.