Tired..ohh the terrible 2's have begun..

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    I remember the lovely days when my daughter was 2, take her up to bed, lay her down to sleep and 8 out of 10 times she'd do so with no fussing, crying or screaming. It was blissful.

    My son has just been non-stop today..constantly in my face, the minute I sit down climbing on me, putting his face in mine, he threw his white milk (in a cup) across the kitchen because it wasn't chocolate milk, stepped on the dog when she was lying down and then when I told him that was not OK he tried to hit me in the face. So after putting him in time-out on the stool and telling him it was not to OK to hit mommy (which he smiled at and said "OK, Mommy" like he ALWAYS does) he just fussed until I set him down after he asked if I wanted Kisses. He think's Kisses fix everything...it's darn cute.

    Then up to bed we go and it started off bad and ended bad. We did our normal routine of reading and singing the "cat in the shoe" song and I noticed he had a bit of a wet diaper and since the last night he wet through onto the bed I thought I'd change it. Good Lord what was I thinking. He got up out of bed running around because that's what he does when he's not super tired and I changed his diaper (had to catch him first) to which he promptly screamed "I DON'T WANT IT!!, I DON'T WANT THE DIAPER" at least 30 times and ripped it off..he just sat there saying that over and over while playing with his penis and refused to let me put it back on until I got his old diaper and then I tried to trick him but he was too smart..for some reason he finally picked the dry diaper (thank god) and I layed down so I could put it on..and then we sang more songs and he wanted to nurse, which I said no to and offered water instead ( we have been working on the no nursing before bed and it's worked well the past week or 2) to which of course he started screaming and having a fit. So I left him screaming at the top of the gate, shaking it..he finally is in bed.

    We played memory matching games, baked blueberry muffins and chocolate mint/hazlenut/coconut cookies. He was not deprived of attention. Perhaps he felt my anxiety today...I woke up last night to the sound of lip smacking (I can't stand repetitive noises) and have no idea if it was my husband or my son, and can't remember if my son had crawled into bed with us yet. He had what his doctor thinks was a complex partial seizure about 2 weeks ago and he has an EEg on Thursday, but my husband has sleep apnea, so it could very well be either of them and not knowing which one it was I feel very stupid. I'm guessing if it was loud enough to wake me up it was my husband, which means my husbands having seizures??.but I have been woken up by my son's snores before so I just do not know, it could have even been me I was so outta of it. Gonna go get a cookies n cream ice cream bar. (like i need it after all the cookies..*l*)
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    OMG! You're going through EXACTLY what I've been going through the last month or so. During the summer E's schedule got ALL messed up and it's been a nightmare ever since. But the worst is difficult child 2 & 3 were playing in my room and broke her crib. She's been sleeping in my bed (I just got a toddler bed this weekend from my sister). Now a head cold that's moving into her chest and she's a light sleeper to begin with.

    We need a cruise to Bermuda - with other kids keeping the kiddos for a few days!

    Feel better and enjoy the ice cream...you deserve it after a day like today!

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    I think you should take him to a Developmental Pediatrician. He needs to be evaluated. If he does repetitive noises, such as lip smacking, and can't stand change in routine and doesn't sleep much and is overly hyper, I'd want him tested for high functioning autism. There are good supports for that. If not, maybe the Developmental Pediatrician can help you figure out what to do. We had some of that behavior with my son who is on the high end of the autism spectrum. A lot of spectrum kids, including Aspergers, also have seizures.
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    Beth the ice cream was mm mm good! I'll book the cruise, you order the drinks! *L*

    Midwest Mom I was beginning to wonder myself..out of curiosity I did the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) questionnaire on a neurology site and N came back at 126, which they said was Moderate Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). He saw a developmental pediatrician. when he was 1.5 years old who said we wasted his time since he is followed by a neuropysch in Boston Children's, but that is just a once a year screening. His language skills are really advanced for his age, he turned 2 in September and he speaks in full sentences, can say a word perfectly the first time he hears it, and he can counts backwards already. But he is very hyper, runs everywhere, he once ran back and forth from the laundry room to the dining room for 8 minutes straight, I got it on video because I thought it was funny. He has his well child check up soon (i'm kinda behind) so I think I'm gonna mention all this to his pediatrician, even though she tends to be the non-alarmist type. Thanks for the input!
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    Aspergers kids tend to speak early and be very precocious. Pediatricians tend not to be up to date on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) :) He's young too...may be hard to get a diagnosis. even if he has it. Good luck!!! :)
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    MWM is dead on with THAT description! My pediatrician was a friend from high school - I figured that having that type of relationship, she'd watch my kids like a hawk. Oddly, I kept asking the questions, doing the research and getting that "boys will be boys" thing back. I never thought that I would be calling her "Dr. Cleopatra" (Queen of De-Nial). With the older kids being so close together (all 3 within 3years time), you don't know how many things you actually miss.

    Heart: If your "super senses" are tingling - go forth and check it out. We've been so intimidated in this life by the "professionals" that we tend to accept what they're saying. There are times that I question why I'm so able to go hammer and tongs for the best deal in a store, yet I'm willing to take someones word for something when I'm not comfortable with what's going on with my kids. Now? After all the time on this site - "watch out world - I'm coming though!"

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    Sorry I have been absentee, N had his EEG on Thursday(won't get the results until Monday, so I'm guesing it's normal). My husband thinks I am way off the mark going this route and that our kids just have lots of quirks. This is coming from Mr. ADHD/Depression guy himself. My husband has some serious unresolved issues. So for the time being I can't talk about any of this to him because he just gets up and walks away and I'm left trying to get him to have a better relationship with my daughter because he thinks she is just spoiled and I am trying to tell him she is not spoiled that 1. she really likes things a certain way she's not screaming to have her socks straightened because she's spoiled it's because they bother her and 2. she does fine if things are explained and she's talked to, not just bossed around. I'm pretty sure there is something more going on with my son the more i pay attention I guess only time will tell what it is...thanks for the support everyone : )
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    Of course our kids are quirky, that's part of parcel of the whole deal! Now why they're quirky, that's something else.