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    we were asked to be sponsors for confirmation. difficult child should be getting confirmed as well but with him being in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) it is not going to happen. He asked me to start asking the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) program for special permission to bring him home (from another state) because THEY had to let him do this because of his religious beliefs. I told him that I would try but I am being told on my side that he can't because he never turned in his letter to the Bishop. (difficult child knows now that it is NOT going to happen and he actually took it very well). ANYWAY it has been the tradition in my family that the "Godparents" buy the outfit and plan the celebration for the event. We took our Godson out today to buy his outfit and oh my--things are much more expensive now that they are older than in the past when he did baptism. We had a great time --red is the color of confirmation so we bought him black pants and shirt with red tie and handkerchief --we bought him gold and black "cross" cuflinks with gold and silver tie clip. He is six foot one and 32 waist is too big but 30 to small. We had to have his neck measured for the shirt and tie--they tied it so it would be long enough. ---He is going to look SHARP-- too bad for the girl that just broke up with him ;) WE then took him to lunch at difficult child's favorite place. We really had fun and I did not let on to husband or my Godson that it was hard for me that difficult child will not be there--I thought about it a lot but I needed to make this special for my Godson. He is a great kid. This is the beginning of a very difficult journey this year knowing that difficult child SHOULD be doing these same things --same place--same time--should be his senior year but won't be.
    It is an honor to be his Godparents though. We were asked to be for baptism but husband had a horrible accident after us jumping threw hoops to get everything done on time so my dad had to step in for husband and I feel like neither husband or godson really felt like he was the Godparent since he wasn't there but this will re-confirm to husband is indeed his GODFATHER.
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    What a wonderful tradition. I am so sorry that your immediate family plans for this year are not happening. It really is super hard to go through when you know someone else who is fulfilling those dreams. Harder still when you are in the position to make it a special time for that other person.

    You are a wonderful person to push through your disappointment and give another young person their special day.
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    I'm sorry Mog. That is a common feeling that tends to resurface to those of us with difficult children. We grieve that loss as if it is fresh every time a new event surfaces that reminds us of our disconnect. The best thing I know of is to focus on the good stuff and you're doing a great job of that with godson. Great job GodMother! Hugs, ML
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    Thank you both --it was hard--tonight was the big event and it was beautiful. Youngest easy child is in the choir so she and her boyfriend sang. husband, Godson and I had a good experience. Godson was happy -he was chosen to take up the gifts for offering (for those of you who are not catholic. After the Gospel we bring up wine and bread that is transformed into the body and blood of Christ).
    Our Godson looked so handsome even with the red robe on. I prayed for difficult child a couple of times during mass because I know that he is disappointed that he was not able to do this now and needs the strenght of our Lord to get him threw.
    After Mass we went to Olive Garden for dinner-another great time.
    I feel so overwhelmed with happiness, love, pride and joy that he chose us to do this. I think he had a great night!
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    Good for you for being there to support your Godson despite your hurting mommy heart!

    Way To Go!!!!