Today's the big day in need of some prayers.Update


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Today is the day that Childrens Aid comes to my house to meet with husband and I to see if my grandson will be able to come stay with us rather then a foster home.
Im keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well I would really love to have him here we have so much to offer him. :smile:
It wouldnt be for a long time difficult child and his girlfriend should have all things straightened out over the next couple months but I would rather have him with family until then.
I hate to ask but could you please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today,they are comming at 2pm.
Thank you all.


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Sending lots of good thoughts, Cass. I hope the little bundle gets to stay.

Hugs and best of luck,


You hate to ask???? Why???

Honey, that's why we're here! Support!

Everythings crossed, rattling, and praying. GOOD LUCK!


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Well, I didn't see the post before 2, but will say prayers that they write up an excellent report on you with recommendations that your grandson can stay with family....


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Sorry I didnt update sooner alot going on.
The CAS worker showed up at our house she met with husband and I and will be comming back this Thursday to meet the kids.
We dont really know anymore then we knew before she came,I guess she has to come back a couple more times and they have to do a record check on us and all that fun stuff.They take there time at this I wish it was over with already Id really like to have this little guy at home with family where he belongs.
When we go for our visists difficult child just sits there holding him the whole time staring at him and says how much he loves him.
Both difficult child and girlfriend are having a hard time with this considering they dont even have a legit reason to be keeping him.
Thank you for all your prayers and support I will keep you posted ,hopefully with good news soon.


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All C.W & My Prayers going up for you And your family, Cassie

Please call us if you need to talk.