took difficult child to psychiatrist today

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    now she has add,mood disorder, and odd. Which I thought all along she had the odd. He wants her to do group therapy with girls her own age with similar problems. He also wants me and husband to do a parent training which I am all for both. difficult child is really mad about the group therapy, we told her it is not up for discussion we are the adults and we make those dissisions and the psychiatrist explained to her if she didn't get help and get her behavior under control she was looking at a long stay in the hospital. And as usual her response was "I don't care at least I will be away from these people". We made it clear she is going to do the therapy and she said fine but she says she won't talk. I don't know what to do for a kid who doesn't want to help themselves. I guess I will just do what needs to be done and try to help her and see where it leads but I guess I have just dealt with this for so long that I'm not expecting a good outcome. I hope I'm wrong and she can change.
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    I know that for my easy child and difficult child, both said they would not talk in therapy and both did. easy child gave me the most resistance, and I just told her if all she did was sit there fine. she talked
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    Once someone says something that gets her hackles up, she'll talk!
    Still, considering it's all about *her* she'll be interested and will talk eventually.
    Our son had a few sessions where he didn't talk.
    Just go ahead and do it.
    Best of luck!