Tornado Central Ohio

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, May 8, 2008.

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    The tornado touched down on mile marker 54 (I think) of I 71 at about 5:25 pm. Wright State closed all classes. Nichole's boyfriend was stuck on campus as sirens kept blaring. The storm is traveling the path he uses to come home, at least part way cuz he goes up to Xenia then down south. Forntunately easy child hadn't left home yet. Both of them pass where the tornado hit going to and from school.

    Heather are you ok? Any more news about it up there? I'm only getting sketchy reports. Those from boyfriend and what teeny bit I got from the tv.

    How about other ohioan's?? Everyone check in and let us know you're ok.

  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

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    I'm not quite sure where the other Ohioan's are located. I am about 8-10 miles from Wright State. I'm southwest from where the tornado(s) hit. It was very unexpected for such a quiet rainy day. I hope everyone is safe & sound!
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    Thanks for checking in. I'm glad to hear you're ok.

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    Wow, I hadn't heard this at all, but I don't always watch local news. Hope no one was hurt! It was too cool here today, not typical tornado weather----which is usually a quick temp. change......from warm to cool....
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    Nichole's boyfriend got home ok. And I think the storms have moved east. I believe they're headed toward Virgina. Not sure if it's completely out of ohio yet.

    I'd not have known except the boyfriend called Nichole to have us check the news for him. He never calls his folks for this sort of thing. His mother panics.
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    Wow. I've heard nothing about this. I'm off exit 131 so I'm quite a ways away. The tornadoes do like Xenia, though. Nice and flat.

    We've had nothing but rain and cool weather - no wind or storms. I checked my local news station and there is no mention of it on the website.

    I'm glad you guys are ok.
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    WHAT!? Don't send them here ! We already had one two wks ago, in Suffolk. Wiped out a ton of stuff. On top of it, we don't have sirens (they're reserved for important things, like nuclear meltowns, never mind that tornadoes happen frequently and meltdowns never happen). Worse yet, 3 people were arrested for looting houses that were trashed from the tornado. Jerks.
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    I hope they skip right over you. I'm not sending them anywhere. lol They don't bother me, but scare the daylights out of Nichole. She was glued to the computer while I had to keep her updated with the tv. I keep hoping she'll outgrow this phobia, but I think she's got her great-great grandmother's genes.

    Heather, glad you had no trouble. Xenia does seem to attract tornadoes, though. Reminds me of an area just outside of my hometown in Central Illinois. If there was a tornado around, didn't matter where else it hit, it always managed to get them too. Those residents were always repairing and rebuilding.

    The one time the tornados missed that area, 3 or 4 of them nearly wiped out the city where I grew up.