tornados- prayers going out

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Feb 6, 2008.

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    My prayers are headed out to all those in the areas of the tornados that have been going on since yesterday.
    I am waiting word back, we have 1 family member in LA, a few in Arkansas, my youngest brothers fathers whole family is in KY and my middle sis and bros whole fathers family is in Ind. AT the moment, I am thinking no news is good news.
    Goofy me stayed up way way too late watching news for more tornado info, and was trying to get a heads up on the snow info----but as usual, even tho our gov center announced THEY would close today for snow (That never happened before) our school waited till 630 to decide.

    AM hoping everyone is safe here.
  2. Hound dog

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    Adding my prayers for any who had to go thru tornados.

    The storms were horrid here last night. Sirens went off. I few times it sounded like a train was running thru town. But we're surrounded by hills so it's hard to tell if it's the echo of the thunder or an actual tornado.

    The cat Shadow had gone outside before the storms hit. I started looing for her last night. Turn on the porch light to find the poor baby being blown all over the porch, can't even keep her balance. I open the front door to let her in and nearly get knocked over by the wind myself. She couldn't get inside fast enough. Then I had to use all my body weight to get it shut again.

    It was a long night.:bloodshot:
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    We were very lucky in the part of Tennessee that I live in. We had a tremendous amount of rain but the wind wasn't too bad and I didn't see any damages in our area. My son works the night shift at a place two counties to the west of where I live. There were several tornados spotted heading right for the town where he works. He said that twice during his shift they sent everyone outside and they all got under two big semi trucks loaded with steel girders that were parked in their lot. And a house right across the street from where he works burned to the ground - they think from lightning. There were two waves of storms that hit and I called him after the first one to make sure he was OK. Then a few minutes later my power went out and stayed out for two hours and without the TV I didn't know what was going on. Really scary! Then when it came back on, I just couldn't stop watching the weather reports and had the TV on all night.

    There were really bad damages in other parts of the state and several people were killed. Somehow a big natural gas pipeline ruptured and caught on fire, with flames going up so high it could be seen in that whole part of the state! And to the west of us, they had a lot of damage in Memphis where walls of a shopping mall collapsed, and in Jackson at Union University where several students were trapped for a while after a dormitory was destroyed. I've heard different numbers on what the death toll was, but considering all that happened, it's a miracle that it wasn't higher! Who would ever imagine that this would happen in February ... but it was 72 degrees yesterday afternoon!
  4. dreamer

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    I had heard about the pipeline, that sounds so scary!

    I finally heard from my bros family in KY- they had some property damage but no injury, I am so grateful!

    I had no tornados this time, BUT wow! Our county and town are out of salt for the roads, the plows were pulled becuz the wind was too dangerous, so our streets here never did get plowed- we got over 2 feet, but drifts - some are as high as 5 ft even in my yard. We are supposed to get MORE snow tomorrow and more Fri and more sunday..and Mon and Tues.
    To my shock, a neighbor who has not spoken to us in almost 20 years dug PCs car out of driveway where it got stuck today and other neighbor on other side who is not social used his snowblower and shovel and shoveled our street- we are not a main street but we are the main street for the early learning, elem and middle school. By 10 PM it was clear it would otherwise not get done, I guess he decided that was unacceptable? So he did all 3 lanes...2 blocks long!