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    ok so i'm frustrated.

    Been sitting here with difficult child for an hour now to complete two pages of hw (shouldn't of taken that long). Met with her new therapist today I'm not sure what I think to be quite honest. She had short skirt on, black high stilleto's and her desk was covered with ton's of paper, and music blasting. So scary. I don't judge, truly i try not to it's not who i am. Yet she was a bit scary, very abrupt, she also pushed me for co pay. I said my ex will handle it monthly that is how he handled it with the last therapist. I saiD i'm not working righ tnow and truly can't afford it.

    So embarrassing it's only 20 for first visit because she's in network. Well she basically told me you either pay the 20 or we can't do the visit today. I was mortified. truly. I hate asking my boyfriend for money. So, after I use my own money to buy groceries, gas in my truck, older one's lunch for week there isn't much left (that's my child support check). So, I was or felt like ugh after that. I used to work make a really great paycheck now things are so different.

    Now I have to once again put pressure on him by asking for money, he already pays my truck payment insurance our bills here. This is soo not me. Wow. He says he doens't mind but come on after a while......yuck

    Than while we're doing the run down on difficult child she is asking tons and tons of questions about stuff that doens't matter. She's going on for 20 minutes about economy how it's changed, etc. all i'm thinking is ok why am i here?????????????

    Than I go to get difficult child from school, and talk to teacher for a few minutes to let her know about seroquel difficult child's starting tongiht (i couldn't start last night long story) she proceeds to tell me oh yea she's just got a little bit of anxiety, and social anxiety she'll be just fine. she responds very well to me i think i've made all the difference this year. My son had it, it's no big deal. I just stood there not even able to engage just like whatever i'll give you list of side effects tmrw for your desk and i'll give copy to nurse. ugh....

    than return home to find my older one who just got in house suspension home with her friend wtih whom she lied and said they had math to do. I go up to her room to check on her and their just messing around and laughing. so i boot friend out. i don't care anymore jig is up.

    i proceed to argue with my ex husband following that regarding co pays and insurance him saying how he can't afford to pay co pays he's saving up for xmas and all i can do is think ok how am i saving up for xmas?!!

    Throw in a phone call with dear old mom who proceeds to tell me oh it's good the therapist asked questions about everything ie. boyfriend's kids, their issues, etc. because you know jen those things are on difficult child's back also that could be the cause of this...........ok click, talk to you later mom i'm thinking p.s. difficult child's suffered since BIRTH!

    Now we are on an hour and a half of doing hw 2 pages of math she knows how to do. meanwhile while i was on the phone with ex husband boyfriend was waiting on me to order what food we wanted from the rest. yet i forgot so now we have no dinner.

    and did i mention i have cramps. yup im miserable today. i think i should have a corona we have 6 pack in fridge for a mos i never drink i should drink

    i rambled i had to get it out and off my chest. thanks for letting me. hopefully i won't torture anyone now in my house. it probably made no sense.
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    hugs. It is hard when you don't "connect" with the therapist right away.

    I am sorry money is so tight.


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    Hoping your ok and Jess and everyone else :)

    I'll be fine I think it's xanax time for Jen. I have to relieve some of my own anxiety.