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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Robinboots, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Yesterday GFG17 went to take a tour at a tech school. The price is outrageous, and I told him so...he said he really wanted to go to MU, so fine, he filled out an app, called for some more info, and I paid the app fee.

    I even mentioned his last paycheck, which he neglected to give to me and lied about picking up, and we talked about that - WITHOUT him getting upset and angry. I also told him that I knew his grades, all Fs, and he didn't get ANGRY OR ANYTHING. We had a good talk. He started his laundry, WITHOUT stalling and unnecessary commentary. He was in a good mood. He went to work.

    Came home earlier than usual, STILL in a good mood. Got up this morning, cleaned off his car, pleasant, took his medications - actually ASKED for them! - and went to work for a few hours. Came home, played with his brother, had lunch with me, shoveled the driveway. Didn't ask for a THING. Joked around with all of us this afternoon, very social, complimentary over dinner, helpful. Went back to work.

    WHO IS THIS KID??? Just 3 weeks on medications?? Is that it, they're kicking in all the way? Just two days ago he was a complete, continuous PITA, almost scary.

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    Whoo hooo! Great news. It is funny...

    I have a daughter, same age, that recently started actually taking her medications and I, too, was like WOW who is this kid for a while.

    Don't get me wrong, the big issues still send her into anxiety world but she does seems much less irritable over what I consider little things most people would never get aggravated over.

    That is a welcome change for us. It was aggravating to get into with difficult child over her yelling (and I mean YELLING) at her brother or sister for doing things that didn't bother anyone else.
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    after re-reading this and having a difficult child of my own looking at schools...maybe it finally kicked in that HEY! I might need help paying for all this stuff I want to do!

    Not saying it's not the medications...maybe just a dose of reality that finally sank in.
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    Robin, could you put his medications next to his age in your profile? I cannot remember anything at all lately ...
    Glad they're working!
    I'd love to have a miracle drug.
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    Good for him! It really boosts the spirits when improvements come about. My son has gone through tons this past year, we've seen improvement; however, still rather immature and, at times, unpredictable (definitely do give him credit for strides made, though). My son also is looking toward post high school plans; lots for them to face, I guess. One step at a time, one day at a time, right? :D
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    Oops, sorry - he's taking .5 mg Risperdal, every morning as far as I know.

    You know what? Had another day - what's this, 2-3 in a row?? I'm in shock, really. Today he got up at 9, did his chores, took medications, then fell asleep on the couch. Said he had a headache, but rallied when his counselor got here, then went to work.

    on the other hand....

    He DID ask to spend the night with a friend from work on Saturday. Even called and got permission from his DJO.

    It's quite possible that this is an act...'cause he knows darn good and well the answer could change to "NO WAY IN HADES" if he doesn't behave.

    Hmmmm. Food for thought, certainly, although I don't think he's ever kept up a ruse for this long without blowing. Maybe the medications helped with THAT!
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    I'm glad he is doing so well. Crossing fingers it continues:)