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  1. Im new and need some help or advice, have a 14yr old who is diagnosis with adhd, bipolar, and conduct disorder, who has now been going around telling my exhusband's best friends that my husband has been beating him up. Exhusband and his wife and me got in argument last night over it and now child protective is investigating now. We know they allegations are false because there is a "NO spanking or physical punishment " in our home just because none of our children could say the other parent has hurt them. My son has admitted to us he was lying but just doesnt help the situation now. The ex did this because we do not get along at all esp. me and his wife since I have protective custody because she did black his eye in 2005. I just dont know what help to get him he has already done 2 and 1/2 residental treatment. He is also in the juvinale divison of court because of breaking/ entering with concealed weapon. Plz if any one has advice let me know. My world is falling apart.
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    Does your son take any medications? Is he seeing a therapist? I'm pretty new here, too, but someone out there must be able to point you in the right direction. I'm sorry I have no other advice for you. I know how you feel, though. I hope it gets better for you.

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    CPS will investigate and should find no basis to the claims. Then, I would use CPS for whatever resources you can. Have all of your medical documentation, phone numbers to psychiatrists and tdocs, etc, at hand.
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    I agree with flutterby and bunny. If he is not on any medications or seeing a therapist or doctor of some sort, that should be set up right away. If he is, does he need an adjustment? By all means ask CPS for resources and help. Have all the diagnostics, etc handy and tell them you don't know what else to do. Show them that you are willing to do whatever it takes to improve the situation. With Conduct Disorders, in my opinion, things like this are a reaction to something else that is going on in his head. Did you ask him WHY he is spreading these lies? Is he upset with your husband or you? Does he miss his dad? Is something else going on that he doesn't know how to deal with? There could be all kinds of possibilities. I would sit down with him, just the two of you, and tell him about the CPS investigation and what the POSSIBLE outcomes could be. Then sincerely ask him why he said these things. He may not know and then there is nothing specific you can do. If he tells you a reason why, help him deal with that. Sorry you're going through this. Will keep you in my thoughts. Hugs to you!!