Tracking difficult child location with-google

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Sheila, Feb 15, 2009.

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    I tried to pull it up but got an error message. Maybe its not allowed?
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    the link is not working.

    But I do know the concept. Honestly, it's a little big-brothery to me. It's kinda like reading your daughter's diary.

    I suppose if I got to a place where my kid was running with a new bad crowd, making some dumb decisions regarding illegal sustances, there was no trust, had perhaps gotten in trouble with the law, I might consider it. But, under normal circumstances I think it is incredibly intrusive.

  4. Sheila

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    difficult child does none of the things you listed, but he does dumb things regularly.

    You'll really think I'm awful when I tell you that it's highly probable that if or when he gets a car while he's living at home, it will have a gps. No democracy in this household when it comes to difficult child. lol
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    I know I need to be able to keep track of my son. I felt extremely guilty the first time I ever did a thorough search of his bedroom- but then I saw a talk-show about stuff like that- searching bedroom, reading diary, etc, and they recommended telling the kid ahead of time that their stuff is subject to search, just like a backpack at school. I had that talk with difficult child and now I no longer feel guilty. :)
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    I am immensely releived with difficult child in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). This was my life for 8 months. We got a tracking phone through Sprint. It was helpful in that it would confirm if she was or was not in the genral locale that she said she was in. However, it was off by about one mile and I wnted to know EXACTLY where she was and who she was with. Also, it would be turned off or run out of charge. For now, a releif tro know she is in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Compassion
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    I'm an old fashioned parent. My house my rules.

    And my number one rule is that no one living under my roof has the "Right to Privacy". Don't like it, move out. But that's the way it is. If I have reason to suspect foul play going on, I will not stop at anything until I discover what it is. And I always do.

    When my kids were teens especially, I did a weekly room check. I did a weekly bookbag check. And I monitored where they were, with whom, ect. I knew what they did on the computer. And yes, I read diaries.

    There were times when my kids swore I could read minds and was all knowing. lol Because it wasn't just me, I had a crowd of other parents and neighbors keeping an eye on them too who reported to me anything suspicious.

    It is your job to protect your child, even from themselves at times. But you also have to prepare yourself for what you may find out at any given time and be able to deal with it. Because like reading most likely won't be pretty. Nichole had a good year or more where I was equvilant to pure evil in her eyes. lol Her diary was where she poured out her true feelings, fortunately for her I understood that and could read it without taking it to heart.

    It worked for me. My kids really never had an issue with it unless they were trying to get away with something. They still don't have an issue with it. And my kids never managed to get into any serious trouble. Which was all I was trying to avoid.

    And yes.......I've used google. That's how I kept track of K during the years we were estranged. ;)

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    Well, I wish that linked worked. I have no idea what you all are talking about as far as using google to keep up with someone. LOL! My son isn't home right now, but I figure he'll be back someday before he's on his own.
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    I haven't tried the link, but I was considering putting a GPS tracker on the truck when Miss KT started driving. She has such a horrible sense of direction that I figured I'd need to tell her how to get home from wherever she'd gotten. If she ever got that lost, she hasn't told me about it. Yet.
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    Okay, from what I can tell, the way Google Latitude works is you email a friend asking to add them to your "friends" list for Google. Then your friend must set up a Google account and agree to be added to your friends list. Then you can "see" wherever they are when they are online. Or you can send Google Latitude to your phone and "see" where your friends are, based on their phone number.

    You can't just "spy" on anyone you want. They have to agree to be part of your "network".

    In the case of our difficult child's, as their parent, we could easily set this up ourselves without their permission, if we wanted to.

    I'm trying to see how I can set this up to be able to "see" where my difficult child 1 is when he has his phone on.