Train travel NYC, Pa. etc. anyone?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Jul 6, 2009.

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    My husband "may" be going to Wilkes-Barre later this month and prefers train travel. No problem going from Fla. to NYC or Difficult Child but I don't want him trying to drive a rental car very far. I can't seem to find info on trains from NYC or Philly to the Wilkes-Barre area.

    I want him get as close as possible by train (he isn't into planes) and then if he has to drive 100 miles or less that should be no big deal. Any of you guys have suggestions? I think that I'm just "dull" today as last night was another drunk easy child/difficult child night. Yikes...I am tired. DDD
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    The only one I've ever looked into is Amtrak.
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  4. DDD

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    Thanks for the helping hands. It appears there is no service that goes
    where I hoped it Like a little kid I just pictured choo choo's crisscrossing the Country. Not. ;) DDD
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    I don't know of any trains that run from that area in through NJ, to NYC. He should be able to take a few busses. Or, he can take a bus into the Clinton area of NJ. The Raritan Valley Train line runs to Newark, where he can take the PATH train into the city.
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    Where are you coming from, Fla or NYC? Or somewhere else? Yeah, there's really no passenger train activity in NE Pennsylvania.

    NYC or Philly to Harrisburg is Amtrak's "Keystone" line, and it's a 100mi easy I-81 drive from Harrisburg to Wilkes-Barre from there. That might be an option?