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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by JJJ, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. JJJ

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    I have a meeting tomorrow to decide what assessments we want to do on Kanga before her next IEP. She just had an IQ test done in the psychiatric hospital.

    Kanga is a freshman and this is her last scheduled assessment until her senior year. While she will most likely need additional years of high school and be willing to attend, that is always iffy and I'm hoping to pack a ton of services into the next three years.

    For assessments, I'm thinking:

    *reading assessment
    *math assessment
    *vocational skills assessment
    *life skills (budgeting/buses/housekeeping) assessment
    *speech-language assessment

    She gets her mental health treatment through the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and not the school so no social-emotional testing needs to be done.

    Anything else I should ask for?
  2. SearchingForRainbows

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    I know there are different types of vocational assessments. The first one that difficult child 2 had was basically just a list of questions to determine what his vocational interests/abilities are. The second one was given to him in a store setting within our community. Of course, our school system "stinks" so I don't know if usually these assessments are combined into one evaluation. Anyway, just to be safe, find out what the vocational assessment includes. I've been told by a vocational rehab counselor that in order for it to be worth anything, it should be done in a community setting.

    Best of luck at your meeting tomorrow!!! SFR
  3. rlsnights

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    usually reading and math are part of a comprehensive academic assessment with a tool like the Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement.

    You might ask them to do the extended battery of the WJ III as this assesses general knowledge more comprehensively and may give a more accurate picture of her current level of knowledge and ability.

    While she is receiving services from Residential Treatment Center (RTC), I personally would still have a socio-emotional assessment done. For one thing you want this in her permanent records right? And for another you may need this in order to get accommodations/modifications in her IEP as any input from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is likely to be viewed as an independent assessment, something that is often given little weight by SD's.

    It may be that the SD school psychiatric can just review any assessments already done by Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and recap them in her own report. This may be sufficient for your purposes and will sanction the results with the SD's official seal of approval.

    Might give the school psychiatric a call and talk it over with him/her. Also with Residential Treatment Center (RTC) assessment or school liaison for their input.
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