Transportation Issues

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by JJJ, Feb 18, 2009.

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    We have two transportation issues

    1) The sight of the bus sometimes triggers a panic attack in Tigger and he cannot walk out to the bus until he calms down. This sometimes means that the bus needs to wait beyond the 3 minutes allowed. This was not a problem at his old school because he started at an "off" time but now that he is starting at a regular time, the driver can't wait because she'd be late picking up kids for the primary school.

    2) They assigned him to come home on a bus with 7 junior high students. He is only a 4th grader. He would be on the bus about 15-20 minutes with these kids.

    Right now, I am transporting him in the afternoons and I'm hoping he can meet the 3-minute wait limit in the mornings.

    Can I bill the school for my transportation costs? More the point of it than the money. And can the IEP team designate that the bus must wait longer than the 3-minutes?
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    You can, but they won't pay it unless it's in the IEP.


    If transportation is in difficult child's IEP, the sd is obligated to provide safe transportation. It's not confined to busing, e.g., if appropriate it could be by private car, taxi, medi-vac, etc.

    Your State and SEA likely has rules and regs regarding comingling age-groups.