Travis a College Student?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, Jan 10, 2008.

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    Travis announced that he intends to go to Wright State University in the fall.

    While he's expressed a half hearted desire to go to college in the past several times, this sort of came out of thin air. When saying he wanted to go to college in the past he expressed it as a vague idea, sort of more like a fantacy/daydream type thing.

    But this time it was stated as fact. Mom, I'm going to Wright State in the fall, I don't care what anyone else thinks about it. I'm going, and I plan to live on campus and get my degree.

    Of course we never said he couldn't go before, but there would be hurdles even at a college such as Wright State that is so wonderfully acommodating to handicapped students. I'd decided in the past if he was serious, he'd seriously look into it. He never did.

    This time, however, he's done alot of the background work himself. Has already called the college. Is in the process of finding out what needs to be done to have him established as a disabled student and get the help he'll need (lots), how to enroll and such. I'm impressed he realized by himself he should get started now because he didn't know how long the whole process would take to get everything set up.


    Oh, yeah. Even if he doesn't go, I'm proud of him just for that by itself. :smile: Although, at the moment I'm biting my tongue. I don't want to do anything that might hamper his newly found independent streak. I don't want him to feel pushed to do this. I want him to try because it is truely what HE wants to do.

    Way back when we had the last battle over his not being able to drive, and I felt my heart shatter as I watched his break, I decided never again would I tell him that he couldn't do something. That was the first thing and the last thing I'll do that with, and I did only because it was a matter of safety for him and others. (and the state would never grant him a permit, let alone a license)

    It might sound harsh that I'm not cheering him on. But Travis doesn't do well if he feels "he's being watched". All he wants is to be like everyone else. No other parent would make a huge deal over their kid going off to college. So I'm being careful to treat him just as I did his sisters. Okay, if it's something you want to do, do your best to make it happen.

    (So I'm cheering him on the inside)

    I dunno if he'll make it or not. I dunno if he'll ever manage to graduate or not. But I know that Travis has spent a lifetime surprising and surpassing everyone's expectations of what he "should" be able to do. He's never been able to stand his sister's being able to do something he couldn't. That alone might be enough to give him the drive to make it to graduation. It was enough to make him master riding a bike, learning to rollerskate, dribble a basketball, get on the honor roll.....

    A good thing..... He won't be "alone" at school. easy child and Nichole's boyfriend attend the college. Plus evidently several of his friends from the tech school he attended in hs. These are the friends encouraging Travis to "Go for it!"

    Could he be finally beginning to catch up with his peers, and ready to leave childhood behind?

    So, I guess we'll see where this leads.
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    That is so wonderful! Actually, I think most parents cheer their kids going to college so I see no reason you can't let him know what a great idea this is.

    If nothing else, cheer here and know we're all cheering with you and Travis.
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    Me too, Lisa. It's wonderful! :bravo: