Trouble in the program---Please pray for resolutio


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difficult child just called me. There are apparently some issues with the program director(Pastor) and one of difficult child's friends. The friend was given a lot of responsibility. He has had a rebellious spirit lately. Pastor (program director) has removed responsibilites. Friend is mad. He has fed difficult child a lot of "manipulative" information. difficult child believes everything that "friend" says. He has always been this way. difficult child is naive and innocent for an 18 year old addict. I am worried that he is going to get himself "kicked" out of the program because of manipulative "friend." husband isn't as worried. He is a good friend of Pastor---he is a graduate of the program and has been a big supporter since he got clean. He and Pator talk regularly. In fact, Pastor called him Friday to get some advice and give husband a head's up on the issues. He believes Pastor about "friend." Pastor is an older female who feels she was called to this ministry. difficult child believes "friend" about Pastor. Friend is an ex-con and recovering addict who has been "saved." I told difficult child to let the issues between pastor and friend stay between them and he should just do what he is supposed to do! On top of this difficult child had another wreck on Saturday morning. (And easy child's car was egged and tp'd in my driveway!) This is not boding well with my stop smoking program!


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Prayers being said. And remember none of this has anything to do with you stopping smoking. There will never, I repeat, NEVER be a better time to continue being a ex-smoker than now. Stick to it.


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How frustrating! Rob also takes the word of a "friend" regardless of how little he knows the person or what kind of character the person has. It's so annoying...and many times self-defeating, too. I hope it can be worked out, katmom.

As for the smoking...for some masochistic reason I decided to quit smoking when I was going back to work fulltime and four months before I left my marriage of 25 years. :hammer:


Surprisingly, I haven't started again but I've sure been tempted. Temptation is normal and seemingly endless. I'm sending good thoughts for strength to get over this stressful hurdle without taking a drag.


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Sending good thoughts difficult child sticks with the program.

Sending hugs about the wanting a cigarette. Hang in there.


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I hear your concern katmom. My difficult child biggest disasters came from him being fed information that difficult child couldn't sort out as what was important and what wasn't his business. It caused great many problems, several times in the 3 yrs he was away.
He took the word of a "friend" over his own common sense. (how much of that he has is still in question)
He has to save himself before he can be a support to anyone else. I hope he doesn't lose sight of his goal.

You know that there is no program in the world that a difficult child goes through smoothly. It's always by the skin of their teeth.

Keep away from the cigs anyhow. It won't make anything better and you will smell better. Hugs.


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sending hugs. our kids are so easily influenced by others. I used to call ant a chameleon. he copied the colors of those he hung with. Hoping your son copies the colors of the Pastor.