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    I'm sorry I've been missing from the boards for awhile. I just don't feel I have any answers for anyone. I have compassion, support, understanding and respect, but no help. Never the less, just knowing your not alone is some help and I can and should be doing that.

    The other reason I've been away is very happy. I've been working with husband and the older kids building a paddock and run in shed for our 2 new horses!!!
    I have a very green broke Cyldesdale, a smallish one, around 16.2 and a pony for the kids. The pony is a rescue that was on her way to slaughter. She loves attention and bosses the big guy around like crazy. She bucked when first ridden so she needs some retraining as i'm very busy and very happy to be getting back to my roots after 25 years.

    I have been reading and thinking of you all when I could and have missed you.
  2. Star*

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    I am so happy to hear the whinnie in your voice and the nicker in your writing.

    I had to laugh when I read 16.2 being small - lol. I guess for a Draft it is. When I was younger I was burned really bad and had to spend a year + in a burn unit (before they had burn units). When I got out the nurses set up a deal with Budweiser and somehow I got to sit on the Wheel horse of the famous 18 horse hitch while it was standing in the mall parking lot and got my picture taken. After that my parents took me to the fair grounds and I got to ride a Clydesdale around the arena. I was five 1/2 years old. I've loved them ever since.

    I also outbid the Alpo man for my first rescue years ago and actually sold him back to the former owners estranged daughter. I loved him with all my heart. So I know how therapeutic horses are. Nothing beats a ride to clear the cobwebs out of your brains.

    Good to see you in such high spirits. Glad things are on the up hoof!

    Take care!!!
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    My Arabian mare was purchased at a breeder's auction...I outbid the meat man for her by about fifteen dollars.

    She was nobly bred, but had old scarring from wire cuts on her chest and legs which meant she couldn't be shown, and to make matters worse, she'd not been able to get pregnant.

    Basically she was 1000 lbs of useless meat and the breeder figured they'd get what money they could out of her.

    I had her for many years, and when husband came down on orders to go overseas, I placed her into a therapeutic riding program.

    She lived to be 26 and would still have been out there in the arena had she not fallen and broken a hind leg very badly.,
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    Wow....I'm really surpised! Good for you! I bet the kids are just thrilled to death!
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    How cool about the horses!!! Glad to "see" you, Kathie!
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    Thanks all,

    Star, you are one amazing lady. I don't want to sit on an 18 hand high horse now and you did at 6?! I've been meaning to tell you thanks for the advice you gave me when I burned my ds with boiling water. I followed it and he has very little scarring, more like just a mild discoloration on his back spot but NOTHING on his neck! One more summer to keep covered up and he can almost forget about it.