Tuesday Night Nightmare

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by joneshockey, Aug 31, 2010.

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    I am so at my whits end tonight!! B2 is literally going to drive me right over the edge - For some reason he chose to make Tuesday nights the WORST evening of the week! At least that has been my experience since going back to work 3 1/2 weeks ago. In the past 2 hours, since I got home from work he has called me an a** 15 times, scratched at me 4 times, Kicked at me 3 times, Thrown things at me 7 times and been in time the rest of the time - I FINALLY had enough and put him in bed (mind you it is 7:00) and he still needs his bedtime dose of medications, which I can't give to him until 8:30 because he got his last dose at 4:30. I am trying to understand him, but get sooo frusterated! I know Tuesday's are bad days since Grandma can only watch him until naptime and then I have had a teenage babysitter watch the two boys from 1-4 PM until FF1 gets home. B2 usually gets his afternoon medication at 3:00, but because of having the babysitter I don't feel comfortable having her give it to him, so he gets it late... I don't think that is the issue as much as all the change in 1 day - I am soo happy that today was the last day of this arrangement because I can't handle his behavior like this!!!

    Sorry, I just needed to vent, thanks for those of you who have listened!

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    Hey Cindy! Sounds like "tons o' fun" at your house on a Tuesday! I really hate having to make alternative plans when it comes to these guys. It seems like ANY change in routine really seems like you've stuck a stick in a hornet's nest.

    What's changing about Tuesdays? School? It could be that the change in routine on Tuesdays plus the stress of a new school year starting could be launching him. As you cruise the forums, you'll see that (1) there are tons of posts about kids wrapping up the summer on an evil note OR (2) very few posts because we're all tearing around trying desperately to maintain sanity!!! ;)

    Keep venting - it really does help. There are so many of us in a similar boat that it often feels better to know that you're not treading this path alone. difficult child 1 was up at 4:20 with an anxiety attack (which I confess I was less than sympathic about) and difficult child 2 was already in my bed because he could "feel his heartbeat in his broken wrist". difficult child 3 was up and down hanging out in the bathroom because she was as anxious as all get out. But thankfully - the baby slept on! At least ONE positive! lol!

    Hang in there kiddo!

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    I guess the reason why I am so anxious about all this is because I know that more changes are ahead of us - Next week B2 goes back to regular daycare 2 days a week, so I know that THIS is going to throw him for a loop after me being with me for 6 weeks straight and then with- grandma everyday for the past 3 weeks... and it doesn't even end there because the week after next is when he starts back at preschool, so yet another BIG change!!! Agh - I am sooo NOT looking forward to this, plus I am pretty sick everyday with morning sickness (or should I say ALL DAY sickness!), thanks to easy child being on the way and already wanting me to take notice (LOL)!!