tweedle's discharge is.......

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, May 23, 2009.

  1. timer lady

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    drumroll, please..........Tuesday. Cannot believe that 45 days have passed. Cannot believe just how much kt has grown & matured in that short period of time.

    Residential Treatment Center (RTC) therapist commented that this has been the shortest stay ever at that center. kt is proud & ready to be home. She's on a home pass until tomorrow morning & I have Monday to myself. It's husband's birthday & I just feel it's appropriate; kt agrees. She hates to see me sad.

    The waiver of services has been opened & the PCA will be in on Tuesday to help me load kt up, attend her discharge party & get her home. Back to school early Wednesday morning.

    I'm praying that all she's learned & practiced comes home with her; that the continuing grief counseling helps her & that the common sense that seems to have popped up out of nowhere sticks around.
  2. JJJ

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    I hope that ktbug and my Kanga keep improving. At this rate, the four of us can do a mother daughter weekend for HS graduation!

    I'm glad she has found her common sense LOL.

    (((Hugs))) for Monday.
  3. KTMom91

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    Oh, Linda, I'm so happy for you and for kt. Saying prayers for continuing common sense!
  4. susiestar

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    What fantastic news! I think kt has an amazing future ahead. She will have challenges but you have given her so very many tools and she is choosing to use them. I am so very proud of both of you. And of wm for the progress he made.

    I am glad kt will be in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) on husband's birthday. It will be a very hard day for you and it would be so hard to bottle it up to save kt from seeing you upset.

    PLEASE know that we are hear for you in your grief, and that if you need to talk at any time there is usually someone on the board late into the night.

    Ginormous gentle hugs for all of you!!
  5. tiredmommy

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    Give a {{{hug}}} to ktbug for me and take one for yourself. :)
  6. ML

    ML Guest

    That's awesome TL and I'm happy to hear this news. Love ML
  7. DDD

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    Your schedule and lifestyle confuses me but I am sincerely hopeful that this latest trip away from home has been of major benefit. Hugs. DDD
  8. Wiped Out

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    This sounds really positive! Saying prayers that the transition is smooth and kt is able to do well with all she has learned. Hugs to you both!
  9. Jena

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    Linda you are a remarkable person, i'm so glad that she's coming home and that she is so much better off right now than where she was and has shown such huge improvement.

    It'll take time to retransition her into home life again, but great job on your part and her! Give her a hug from me

  10. Jungleland

    Jungleland Welcome to my jungle!

    Prayers that kt will continue to enjoy stability!!

    Hugs, Vickie
  11. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    It is truly a blessing that she is picking up the skills she needs and is using them. I will be sending good thoughts that she continues to do so.

  12. Steely

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    My prayers and positive thoughts are with you and KT.:angel3:

    How is WM doing?