Typical psychopath! Great definition on television

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by MidwestMom, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. ForeverSpring

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    "Always taking what he needs so he can live the lifestyle he prefers."

    I just heard this from a forensics psychologist on the Investigative Discovery channel and thought it was good...in a sad way...since many of us are dealing with this behavior. They are talking about some guy named Ireland who is living in a homeless shelter, but gets kicked out. And then bad things happen...

    Sometimes I, in particular, need to be reminded that this isn't just childish behavior; it's dangerous. It hits home too.
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    I have often wondered about my own son wrt psychiatric disorders. I fear he may be a bonafide sociopath. I don't believe he has any empathy for others. At least when he was using I could tell myself it was the drugs causing the behaviour. I am not so sure anymore.

    You are right it is dangerous, but as moms I think we try to look for any explanation which still provides us a sense of hope that things will 'get better'. Accepting that our children (adult as they are) are simply sociopaths or psychopaths is a very hard and bitter pill to swallow.