Ugh, had to go get Tigger at school

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    Tigger wrote a bad word in his notebook and then insisted that it was written by a boy that was in the class last year (moved to jr high this year). When the sw and teacher tried to talk to him about it, he decided that he was walking home and tried to leave. They restrained him (it would be very unsafe for him to walk home, country lanes, no sidewalks, multiple train tracks, etc). He wouldn't calm down so they called me. When I got there they were actually doing a good job of just blocking him from getting to the doors without touching him too much. He immediately let me pick him up, he was shaking and murmuring 'didn't do it, didn't do it'

    I got him to take his clonodine and sit on my lap. He then apologized to all the staff and we left.
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    My first thought was the walk could do him good, but then read what you wrote about the trip and reminded myself of his age. I am so sorry he's having such a tough day. It's good that he allowed you to comfort him and apologized before you left. So do you have any idea why he wrote what he wrote? or why he would blame a child who is no longer in the school for doing it? I know sometimes I can get to the bottom of things with my son just the two of us talking, now, but can't remember if I would have been able to at tigger's age. Often just the fact that he had worked it out with me prevented similar actions in the future.
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    He is still insisting that the other boy wrote it, but I think he wrote it when he was mad and then didn't tear it up so he was feeling guilty so he told the teacher about it but blamed the other boy (the teacher didn't find it, he told her about it).

    He's sleeping now. Course, I'll have to wake him up for his counseling appointment in 15 minutes
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    difficult child 2 pulled some things like that at Tigger's age. Tried really hard to bluff his way out. Even had me convinced at one point that he didn't do what he was accused of doing. Hope you're able to have the counselor address this today -- kind of good timing in that sense!
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    Sorry he had such a rough day. Glad you were able to help comfort him; hope the counseling appointment was helpful. Hugs.
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    Sorry for your rough day, we know the feeling our child had a bad fight today, while in residential treatment! I hope he has a better day tomorow, He is 11 very bi-polar, violent, has been in several residential treatment facilities, nothing seems to work. They keep changing the medications in hope of finding the right combo, this time he is on a total of 15 pills per day. We have been through pure hell for the past 9 years. It is very heartbreaking not having him at home, but in the program, he does recieve excellent theropy daily. By the way his name is xxxxx a very cute child with black hair and deep dark beautiful eyes, the only problem is sometimes he looks at you and you see deep anger in those dark eyes. He has attacked tens of tens staff, teachers, and just about anybody that makes him mad.
    Someone keep in touch it really helps to have support. It makes you feel like you are not the only one with the same problems, and helps keep sanity!
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    The rest of the day went well. The best news was his therapist got permission from her new boss to bring over a few patients as pro bono (since they don't take medicaid) so Tigger will get to see her still!!