Ummm, other difficult children think my difficult child is difficult

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Yesterday after work difficult child went to a friend of mine's office to sell her products for the fundraiser his group called peer partners is having (it pairs a group of kids with disabilities with a group that doesn't have them). Anywhoooo, my friend's difficult child was there (he is a major difficult child too) and our sons had never met. Her son is older and out of high school for two years now.

    difficult child was in his constant talk mode (which, of course, is almost, well, constant).

    Forward to today when I talk to my friend who told me that her difficult child couldn't believe how my difficult child just talks constantly and says whatever comes to his mind and that it must be very hard for me to deal with. She said yep that is one of the things that makes it difficult.:halfsmile:

    Even other difficult children think mine is difficult-I think maybe I should run for the hills!!
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    Maybe her difficult child would like to give you respite and take your difficult child out one night I week...I hear bowling is the thing :rofl:
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    Q met TeDo's difficult child's tonight! Will be interesting to hear what they thought. He was in prime form at first. We had seen our neuro and she said he has gained so much weight that she is sure that is why the concerta doesn't work as well at a lower dose and that is why we need to really up teh lyrica (seizure medication). OH really? Yeah, I knew that. She is so sweet. she said jus tgive him a short acting ritalin when in the evening. the larger dose is gone so it will be ok. She is the one who is all over the enzyme issue and is not worried because it is leaving him. So, I gave it while we were going into the mall after a nasty time with him while eating (well they were polite about it but he had no impulse control and was a handful) and OMG, 30 minutes (I had Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker with us and he took him to walk around a little) by the time they came back, he was just a different kid. Still his need to see everything self but reasonable. He and one of TeDo's boys (the one who also went to psychiatric hospital the same day we did) rode a christmas train together. Her other one was delightful too, we talked and laughed and it was great. But I bet they do have some interesting thoughts since they are a little more mature than mine.

    I have had kids of every kind of special need tell on my son and complain about him. At conferences some of the kids told me how much Q bugged them. Of course they were there not stopping talking, another humming incessantly, another talking about some kind of Greek thing...sigh.. But even so, mine drives all of them nuts.
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    Buddy-How cool the two difficult children got to meet!! Sounds like a fun night. Isn't it nice to have the difficult child that drives other difficult child nuts-NOT~