Unbelievable! Detention from...

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...difficult child's CASE MANAGER? Can she do this? I don't have any details yet...but I guess I have never heard of the case manager that's supposed to be helping him, giving out detention.

I don't know how I'm going to last this year..or how difficult child will. I guess I'll post more when I know. I can't believe she of all people didn't even call me to discuss details. I just got an email from the school secretary.

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It would have been nice for the case manager to give an email or a call. I would think a case manager could give out a detention unless it is something beyond your difficult child's control and part of his disability. Send the case manager an email just asking what is going on.

Dun Haddit

Our son tends to get comfortable around people and forget his facade. I'm surprised ours hasn't given detention. He uses the school computers to play games (they need to tighten their security), sleeps, screws around or just picks his nose instead of using her class to catch up on school or homework, and then plays victim if caught not doing what he is supposed to.

I hope you find out what the details are. I'm hoping the case mgr put your child's best interest first.

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