Unbelievable news item - Canadians will appreciate how nuts this is!


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This is about a notorious convicted killer (female) from here in Ontario Canada. Her husband was the notorious "Scarborough rapist" who attacked untold women in a Toronto suburb. He then married this woman and together they raped and murdered her own sister. He then went on to twice kidnap and kill teenage girls, with his wife's assistance.
There was a deal made with the prosecution to let her off light in return for testimony, based on her saying she was forced to, scared of hubby, battered etc. Only after this deal was legally binding did the truth come out that she was a 100% willing participant. Had that been known, there would have been no deal for her (really they didn't need her testimony against him anyway!) and she'd be in jail as a dangerous offender for life without parole.
Instead she was released, now has had a baby and is able to travel out of country, and child protective services in the province she lives in says no investigation into her ability to care for her baby (or for babies safety) will be started based soley on her past history. So she is able to take home a innocent defenseless child. A woman who raped and killed her own sister and two teenage girls! Even sicker, after the deal was struck, it was discovered these 2 sickos had actually taped these murders where this woman is seen laughing and mocking these young girls.

I am disgusted at the laws in my country right now.


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Hi Melissa,
I am a disgusted Canadian too. I can only imagine how difficult all of this is for the families of the girls who were killed.

Very sad story.



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I think it's disgusting too. There's no way she should be keeping that poor innocent baby. We were talking about it at work the other day and everyone is totally horrified that they would allow her to keep that baby. What kind of life will the baby have?