Update: difficult child's new job, he just got home...

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    Pros: difficult child Loved it. Said the owners were very nice. Said the work was easy but he stayed busy. Nothing too complicated. Said he had fun. Both the owners and a drunk patron complimented him on working his rear off. Got a free soda. Overheard co workers being glad they got help to do dishes, lol. Looking forward to going back. It warms my heart to see my difficult child starting to creep toward the zip code of easy child.

    Cons: He made my mini van reek of fish when he got in. (Fish fry Friday) Owner offered him work over the next 4 days, he politely declined Sunday because he thought we were having a party (were not) and Monday because he thought he had football practice. (team off for a week) I told him that if they are eager to let him work he should not be so bold as to decline when he is new. He plans to politely tell the owner he decided work was more important and he would like the hourse afterall if they will have him. it should work out because they seem so cool but as a worry wart Mommy I hope he didn't make himself look bad.

    Other con: Minimum wage here in IL is higher than the fed required, think it is 8.50. These folks started him at $5 under the table with a "promise" to let him work up. I was worried about that, it is a common theme here with Mom and Pop joints. As a parent with a difficult child who has honesty "issues" the lack of paying taxes really bothers me. Sadly, this is the ONLY job for a teen in our village (370 residents) unless he wants to go pitchin' bales of straw and hay a couple days a year. All other work would require Mom to make two round trips of 20 miles each for rides. (no license, getting one here is a slow process that will take him another year...lots of requirements)

    Anywhoo, I told him that he was getting taken advantage of and that it was up to him if he was okay with it but that he should be aware of it. Since the only other alternative is no job he seemed just fine with the idea.

    Last semi con: Come school time difficult child has some hard choices to make between football and his job, both being something he wanted very badly. He couldn't manage both and even if he could they have conflicting schedules.

    I appreciate everyones support in my first thread. It helped me mellow out and get through his first day. He called himself a man today with a sense of pride. It was too cute, I had to giggle.;)
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    "As a parent with a difficult child who has honesty "issues" the lack of paying taxes really bothers me."

    I know exactly what you mean; my son is the same way. Your son can claim the income on his tax return, even though his employer isn't taking out taxes (although he probably won't make enough to have to file a federal return--I don't know about your state filing requirements). All he would need to do is file it on Schedule C as self-employment income. That way you wouldn't have to worry about him thinking it's okay not to pay taxes.
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    I am so glad you posted this. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I really wonder if my difficult child has a single thing in her life right now that she is actually proud of...I pray she eventually does something that gives her that feeling. Maybe then she would like that feeling so much that she would turn it all around...I pray that is what happens for your difficult child...