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An update, just because. I still read once in awhile but don't comment often, I'm just overwhelmed with my own stuff and sometimes just don't have much to say.

Youngest is still living with me, along with my grandson Aidan who is now 5 months old. Aidan is the best baby you could imagine, happy with a sweet, friendly disposition, always smiling. Youngest’s boyfriend is still in the picture off and on, she refuses to go after him for child support, and he contributes little to nothing towards his son. Youngest has a full-time job as a teacher at a day care center. Aidan is on Medicaid and receives WIC and daycare assistance through the county. Youngest will have her own insurance through work when she hits the 90 day mark (she’s only been there two weeks). She still has ups and downs, but is back on Lamictal and is seeing a counselor and psychiatrist through the county as well, sticking with it so far. She’s on the waiting list for Section 8, with luck she’ll be on it by year-end. She WANTS to move out and be on her own, so that is huge in my book. I wish she’d dump the no-good, abusive, blood-sucking boyfriend, but I have no control over that and am trying hard to detach and keep my mouth shut.

Oldest got married last weekend to an Army man she met in March. They did most of the wedding planning themselves, and I paid for her dress and Youngest’s dress to wear in the wedding (maid of honor). I didn’t even buy myself a dress, I made myself broke with the others. It was very small and simple ceremony. I didn’t even talk about it to a lot of people until about two weeks before it happened, because honestly I wasn’t sure it was going to actually happen. But, Oldest’s husband seems to be able to deal with her mood swings, which is good and bad I suppose.. I feel sorry for him, she uses him and verbally abuses him often, but honestly it takes some of that heat off of me, you know? He’s a good guy, but, in addition to being majorly codependent (who else would put up with Oldest?), he seems as irresponsible as she is, or at least going along for the ride. They were evicted from their apartment yesterday, are $800 overdrawn in their checking account, which is a great way to start a marriage, huh? They are staying with friends until they can get on-base housing. Oldest confided in Youngest that her drivers license is suspended again for not paying her car insurance. She drives anyway, of course. They’ve already got orders to go to Korea next year… Oldest in Korea, oh my …. it’ll either be good for her, or will push her over the edge … if, of course, they are still together by then. My how jaded I am!

Do you ever feel like you’re in the middle of a bad Lifetime movie?! The ones that “normal” people watch and say, “oh that’s just SO drama-filled, nothing like that ever happens in real life” .. .except you know it does?!

Ahh well. I’m hanging in there.


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I thought I'd acknowledge that I did read your post and can certainly relate. I'm sorry for your drama, it's no picnic for sure. We just let / asked our 22 yr. old difficult child to move back in with us, trying to give her a hand up to get her life in order. It's only been two days and it's drama central here too! In fact yesterday was horrible! I quit smoking 6 months ago and have been craving them like crazy, but........ I AM NOT A SMOKER!!! So yes, I feel like we have a starring role in that Lifetime movie right now. If things don't straighten up fast, I'll be out of "work" in two weeks. I think that's all I'll be able to handle, if that. This note is from another "Jaded" parent. Breath and enjoy any peace you get whatever way you find it!


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It's good to hear from you, Crazy. It's been awhile.

WOW about Older daughter getting married- a quick courtship, that's for sure. I wish them well and hope that the military lifestyle will teach them boundaries, discipline, and self-reliance.

Sounds like Younger daughter is making some slow headway. Fingers crossed that she sticks with this job and keeps putting one foot in front of the other.

Glad to hear you are hanging in...


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Nice to hear from you! :smile:

Oh yeah, I can so relate to the feeling like I've been sucked into an overly dramatic bad movie. After a while it sort of dulls your reactions to things.

Youngest does seem to be making some progress. Keeping my fingers crossed she can see boyfriend for the way he is soon. I'm gaining new wisdom on why there is an old say of "love is blind" with my youngest difficult child, too.

Korea? Wow. I'm also hoping the military teaches them to stand on their own two feet.



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Hey, crazy---I certainly can relate. I've just stopped telling people what is going on in my life because I'm tired of talking about it all---