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    Sorry it has taken awhile to post this. I want to firat say thank all of you for your prayiers they were truly heard. I got the resluts of my cancer screening back on tuesday the 28th and it was clear, thats the best news i got in awhile. The doctor is still going to montor me to make sure the leasion dont grow.

    The spot where it is, Is really hard to biopisy because it is so close to the spine. My other doctor still wants me to go see a nero surguen I still have to make that appointment. althrough I have gotten good news I have been depressed alot more lately and i dont know why.

    Another good note i got my difficult child almost reg. for kindergarden next year he needs a few shots and a physcally and he will be all set for school. I cant believe how fast he has grown. It was so cute the other day he told me that he did want to grow up, and how I wish that could happen sometimes, He has indoored so much in his short life, I value his sthreath. He is a brave boy.
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    Glad to hear the good news! You should probably talk to your doctor about the depression. With all you've been dealing with, it's no wonder, but there's no reason to suffer in silence.

    How exciting that your little guy will be going to kindergarten! They do grow up quickly. In the blink of an eye it sometimes seems!
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    Wonderful news bb!! I'm sure that is a weight off your shoulders!! :D :D :D

    It's called "let down". (or that's what I call it) You've been stressed to the max recently......your body responded accordingly......and now that stress is suddenly gone and your body is coming down off the sort of adrenaline "high" it was on.

    It will pass shortly and you'll be back to yourself again.

    Truly wonderful news.

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    Glad to hear such a positive update!
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    :D DDD
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    I am so happy for your good news! Hooray!

    Now go speak with your Dr about your depression. Like gvc said, no reason to suffer in silence. Hugs~