Update on difficult child#1 in foster care


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I got word today from DSS social worker that difficult child#1 has been placed in permanent foster home. Permanent only meaning NOT hot-line homes. So she will have a room there and will sleep at this same house each night. Services are beginning tomorrow with a psychologist going to the house tomorrow. Apparantly, this psychologist makes home visits to this foster home as there are other foster kids she sees. She does individual and family, if there are issues that need to be addressed. There will also be a medication. evaluation. scheduled. I feel better knowing that something has begun...difficult child#3 is out of control tonight...wouldn't eat dinner, called difficult child#2 a :censored2: hole, threw the ping pong paddles downstairs and wouldn't pick them up. He was sent to bed. I know he is up there watching tv. I wanted to lie in bed and read The Explosive Child, but I know I should go up there and turn off the tv. And i know there will be an explosion. Help!!
Oh, and you ask what husband is doing??? He would be lying on the couch watching that stupid motorcycle show, the name escapes me at the moment. And difficult child#2 in my room with me asking me to play jenga...Calgon ,take me away!


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I am glad that difficult child 1 is getting services now. I hope that she will get lots of help. Do you have a schedule set up for difficult child 3? They seem to do much better if there is a structure and know what to expect ahead of time.

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It must make you feel a bit better to know that difficult child is in a permanent placement & will receive services that she needs.

Keeping fingers crossed that difficult child starts to show some improvement.


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it is unfortunate your child had to go in care to get the help. Not sure of your history but why would the Psychologist not come to your home and help you there. When my difficult child 1 got into trouble I asked to put him CAS care to get help. THey refursed and redirected me to CHildren's mental health. THere they got finding to get hima residential palcement and work with us. My difficult child 1 is home today off all medications and doing ok.

I hope all works out for you and your difficult child.