UPDATE ON difficult child, since leaving hospital

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    Ok, here's what's going on. The first week of Jan'07, difficult child was discharged back to me without any services or school set up. They basically just dumped him on me. I took him to school the next school day, and the principle refused him entry saying they had no place for him. (double meaning: no physical place because the school was full and they gave his seat away, and no Special Education classroom there). Then they told me to go to the "Home school" because that's where all the overflow goes. I go there, and tell them that he needs a Special Education room (not norm population room). They say they can't do it. I go get a Lawyer, and we demand an IEP. I got an IEP on Jan 13th, and it was totally full of the hospital and the teachers from the hospital telling the IEP team how difficult child is basically brain dead (sorry sarcasim). The SD (now totally terrified) says they need time to THINK on where to put him. In the mean time they ordered THEIR Neuro-psychiatric to test difficult child. This Dr. has seen difficult child 4 times, for a 3 hr test. difficult child can not stay on task long enough to do testing. Dr. almost gives up, but says lets try again. So no results yet. But the Dr. did tell the SD that he has NEVER had such a tough assignment, and that difficult child basically can't control his behavior long enough to learn. (I asked what THEY meant by behavior, and they said "being on task, being able to do what a student needs to do to absorb and learn". So it didn't mean throwing fits and having a meltdown.) They were also suppose to have Ed Diagnoistitions test difficult child, and they have not called yet. They were also suppose to provide his therapies (while we wait), and they start Friday. One hr a WEEK! (Yes, it took them a month to schedule this). Today we had our second IEP meeting, and they wanted to do home based schooling, 1 hr per WEEK. I said HELL NO!! We finally agreed at in school (after regular school is over) for 1 hr per day, for 3 days. AND 1 hr per week related services. I didn't like this because I think it's sh*&t proposal, but my lawyer says for us let them try and it shows that I'm trying to work with them. (And the SD knows that we are in the process of suing the original school over due process because they dropped him without my knowledge, and they because they have gone against his rights, and a lot more stuff). So, I'm sitting here at week #9 still paying for a babysitter (who's just letting him play becuase she's not a teacher) so I try and save my job. He's not getting any wrap around services, and he's not getting any help with anything. The hospital said pick him up or give him to foster care, we can't do anything more. So I took my child back, and I'm fighting everything and everyone to get him back into a school setting!!! What I don't understand is that he was making progress (although slow) in Kindergarten. So why is he now so damaged and mentally retarded that EVERYONE is giving up on him and saying it's hopeless? I'm still battling Medicaid to get him on, and I'm battling the insurance that I do have to have them pay for things. At present he has allowable 10 visits with a Psychiatrist, and 10 visits with a SW. (clearly not enough for someone with his disabilities). So this is where we're at. What I don't understand is if it's illegal for a parent to keep a kid out of school, how can the school do it? AND what ever happened to "no child left behind"? Because difficult child is clearly being left behind, and no one is rushing to put him back into school....
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    Well he obviously needs to be in a school that can meet his needs and if the school system says they cant do it in his home school, then they have to place him elsewhere at their expense. It is not acceptable to just leave him home. I think the required age for school attendance everywhere in this country is 7. They have to educate him unless you agree to homeschool him.

    What is your lawyer saying about this? Are there any day treatment schools in your area? If so, I would tell the school that since they refuse to allow him admittance and say he is too severe for their school, that you are enrolling him in that school and expect the school to pay for it. Of course, ask the lawyer, he would know how to get this done.
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    what's a day treatment school?
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    Well its kinda like a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) but they come home every nite. They do school work but also have therapists and aides and psychiatrists on staff so it is much more of a therapeutic setting.

    Another option is schools that are especially for emotionally disabled kids.
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    <span style="color: #663366">good golly miss molly!!! i don't get how they are getting away with-this.

    here's some suggestions for you. first, have you posted on the Special Education forum. i'm thinking martie & sheila can give you some tips on how to handle this & force the school system's hand.

    second, get yourself an education consultant in addition to the lawyer (who truthfully doesn't seem to be terribly effective at IEP meetings). an ED will know exactly what the school is required to do & should be able to negotiate something for him.

    no one has even mentioned a TDS setting for him. oh boy, this SD doesn't only not want to educate your son they don't want to pay for a place that can!!! the education consultant should be able to tell you what is available in your area in therapeutic day schools. also ask about this in the Special Education forum.

    when you hired his day care provider did you speak with-her about trying to teach your son? seems to me that's a tad much to expect from her.

    you asked in your other thread about how you can start working on this stuff. i'd recommend you get hooked up with-an online school program. they have counselors, respect IEPs, & will work with-you in terms of time & his disabilities. he hasn't even been tested for learning disabilities yet, has he? arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! just work with-him slow & easy. you might also what to look at unschooling for now. that's teaching them through daily activities.....might be less stressful for you both & something his caregiver might be more interested in participating in.

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    ask your psychiatric grop about partial hospitalization. it is like janet said, they go to school at a special place, the SD has to pay for bussing. they have half day school and half day counseling and help. they come home at night. insurances pay for so many weeks of it.
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    Your lawyer sounds to me like he isn't doing his job. Is he a lawyer that specializes in advocating for this situation? There are ones that are experienced in this area. The school has to follow the law and your lawyer should be seeing to this. Good luck.