Update on Elijah/Sunshine/home from psychiatric hospital

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    I just wanted to update everyone on my little Elijah. On Tuesday when we were on our way to visit him he called me and said "Mommy I get to come home today". He sounded so happy. I talked to the nurse and social worker who confirmed this was true. My heart was so happy as I smiled from ear to ear, but was nervous about what things would be like once he got home. Tuesday afternoon and evening he was a little irritable and testy. Seeing what he could get away with, but no major issues. Yesterday was amazing. I saw a child I did not know was hiding inside of my little boy. He was calm, actually happy... not manic, but truly happy. He had a terrific day at school even though he did not want to go because his 1:1 was not there because of a death in her family. She will be out all week which upset him. He has been doing a great job telling me his feelings.

    We had to go for a half hour ride to bring his sis to the doctor and him to his counseling. He did awesome in the van, in the doctor's office which is usually not good for him. Usually in there he will hide, not socialize, or run out of the waiting room. He actually sat in the chair the whole time we were waiting, giggling at this cute little boy in the office. Then inside the doctors he was very well behaved and did not even mention he was bored. He had a productive counseling session too.

    Today was another awesome day. Great behavior at school and home. I love being with this child who I have not had the chance to know. He has never been like this in his whole life. His FST worker came today and she was amazed by what she saw.

    The hospital changed his medications. He is on Abilify 15 mg 1x day, Lithium 450 2x day, Clonidine .2 mg bedtime, and a medication called Desmopressin to help with his wetting at night. His FST worker thinks his Lithium is high, but that is what it took to get him at the therapeutic level the psychiatrist at the hospital said. I hope that when we go see his psychiatrist in a couple weeks he will leave his medications alone for now. I love my son no matter what mood he is in, but I love spending time with this child that was hiding inside him for so long wanting to come out, but unable to. These last couple days have been a gift. I pray that they will continue, but am happy that we got to have them. Elijah has never been feeling this good in his whole life. I have never seen him smile and be happy. I am so happy too.

    Know looking at him I know I made the right decision sending him to the psychiatric hospital even though it was so hard for me to do. I know it was the best thing for him and my family. I am happy that we did it and that he has some stability atleast for a while.

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    Also his appetite is way down, which is good I guess. He used to eat excessively and now I wonder if he is eating enough. Like today he refused breakfast, at school snack he ate a couple raspberries, lunch a couple bites and that was all, no snack in afternoon, couple bites of applesauce with night medications, dinner a few fries and bites of burger. That was all he ate today, but usually he was over eating. I guess he is eating enough to stay healthy... He lost four pounds the first week in the hospital being off the Risperdal and Vistaril. Yeay!
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    Wow, that's AWESOME!!!!
    What a complete turnaround.
    You knew he had it in him! Way To Go!
    I hope that everything holds up for you all. I am so happy, so relieved, so everything for you!!!! Hugs for Elijah!
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    What WONDERFUL news!!! I am so happy for you that you have your little boy back and that he is finally stable! You definitely did the right thing for him. I hope you get to enjoy this "new" child for a very long time. Perhaps now he will make even greater progress in so many areas where he couldn't before.
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    Great post! I'm so glad he is doing well!
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    So wonderful that you get to see this side of your child. It is just amazing the change in him! I would encourage psychiatrist not to change the lithium unless it is causing problems, and even then push for a blood test to check his levels. (If it helps with the blood draw, our family rule is that if you get stuck with a needle you get ice cream! I found this "law" of our family VERY helpful, esp with my Aspie!.)

    It is so awesome to hear the joy in your heart. Thanks for letting us know things are great!
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    It is so special when you get to see them laugh and smile, I'm so happy for you both.
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    Great news!!!! Seems like the docs at the phos have found a medication combo that is really helping your son.

    I wouldn't worry too much about his appetite at this point. He's not taking anything that curbs his appetite - he will eat when he's hungry instead of the mindless food attacks that results from certain medications.

    So glad to hear that he is able to hold it together at school without the 1:1. You sound so very happy. I am happy for you!

  9. Glad to hear your good news. I love it when my difficult child is in what I call his "up phase" when he's actually pleasant and fun to be around. His medications certainly help the true person inside him to come out more often. Hope things go well for you.
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    I just had to revisit this post because it made me happy. :)
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    I'm so happy to be reading this post. I'm so happy for you! I hope all the medications/counseling continue to work!