Update on first lunch out

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by happymomof2, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Thanks everyone for your prayers - it went great!! He is on yellow 11. Once he hits green he will be eligible for a class out - yellow only goes up to 20, so he has 9 more days.
    He already has 1 class out which is intensive reading that is 1st period, the next class out will be 6th period so then he will be allowed to ride the regular ed bus. Which personally I think will be a huge help to his self esteem.
    Still praying he keeps on this track ~ we all know how fast it can change!

    My next challenge will be the bus he rides. There is a stop like one lot down from our house but.... I don't want him riding that bus. He doesn't want to either. The other stop is down the street and around the corner and that bus driver is a lot nicer. My daughter actually rides her bus in the afternoons from elementary school.

    Now if I can just get her on track with her grades life will be rosy.... yea right! :rofl:
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    I'm so glad to hear it went well!:laughing:
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    good for you, sounds like your on the right track............remember rome wasn't built in a day.......:)

    my mom always said that to me i always wanted to use it!!